Revolutions About Revolutions

Revolutions About Revolutions

From Mikah Laiberg

I am raising money to pay for the venue of an artistic piano concert, in aid of #TeamTrees. Social change will be encouraged from the concert as a discussion platform.

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Our Goal

Weʼre aiming to organise a piano concert which will feature Satie's Vexations in order to raise awareness of climate change and how to help our planet.

Why you should care

Climate change is a real problem that most people still don't feel personally affected by in this day and age. We have reached a crisis point. There are less than 10 years left to make some kind of change to our daily habits, before this crisis becomes irreversible.

This summer, the Amazonian forest was on fire for three weeks and the story was barely covered on the news. With the help of #TeamTrees, a movement born on social media, many people are trying to do their part by donating or planting trees all around the world. The main goal is to raise enough money to plant 20,000,000 trees by 2020.

It is very important to raise awareness and help people understand what they can do, personally, to help this cause. This doesn’t need to be via sacrificing our comforts - we can all live pretty much the same lives we do now, but with minor tweaks that allow the Earth to remain a habitable planet.

Governments the world over are doing what they can to reverse the damage we have caused since the Industrial Revolution - but they need time for their plans to come into effect. This is why it is our responsibility to take action.


About me

As a concert pianist, organist and composer, I have a special interest in romantic, 20th century and experimental piano repertoire. I have performed large scale improvisatory works for the public for more than a decade and I have been teaching everything I know for just as long!

Specialising in improvisation, I promote composition, arrangement and music theory alongside the standard techniques required for Classical piano. I teach appreciation and expression as fundamentals alongside technique; this allows musicians, and music lovers, to learn how to develop their own personal taste and style - to find ways of playing and listening that are enriching, imaginative and original.

I always like to encourage anybody to ask questions and can answer with basic, technical or metaphorical explanations - whichever is appropriate for their learning style. Music should be a natural extension by which we express ourselves, and I endeavour to teach it that way!

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