Revolutionizing Sober Living in West Virginia

Revolutionizing Sober Living in West Virginia


We are raising money for the HARP HOUSE INITIATIVE which is a network of sober living houses designed to provide transitional housing and services to individuals in recovery.

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The Housing Appalachia Reentry Program (HARP) founders have developed a new program for sober living that focuses on the participant's fundamental understanding of independent living. This program is then broken into phases and is implemented as a compliment to standard sober living practices. 

In 2017, the West Virginia opioid death rate was more than THREE TIMES the national average

. During the time between 2014 and 2017 heroin overdoses increased 49%. Taking into consideration all of the data we have available,  including national statistics, it is apparent that the opioid crisis is severely impacting our local communities at an alarming rate. 

If you live in West Virginia you likely know someone directly addicted to or affected by addiction. 


We have developed a new process to handle the sober living and care of recovery participants and we have done so with input from industry professionals, medical professionals, and local community members and law enforcement representatives. 

The HARP phases system is designed to assign participants non-time oriented goals that build a foundation for success and not simply a path to "graduation". Our process involves personal goals, community goals, and community service projects. The entire process is overseen by the founders using a blended method of supervision not seen in the sober living community.


HARP has worked diligently with leaders in every industry related to sober living. We are offering opportunities not seen in other programs. We have leveraged sources, connections, education, and real world experiences to create an actual network that can support those in recovery by allowing them to grow as individuals and help them learn and understand the foundational concepts for being independent. 

Our partnerships have allowed us to offer monthly guest speakers, assist in expedited MAT treatment (when requested), and provide skill building opportunities to increase employment opportunities and retention. 


We have negotiated the lease of multiple properties in the region. This will allow us to offer a network of housing opportunities for individuals with specific needs. This network will allow participants multiple advantages. Having a housing network will allow for greater socio-economic choices when placing participants in the program. These choices can range from who they are placed with, what the employment opportunities are, or the distance of travel to medical treatment when needed. 

The funds from this campaign will be used solely for the following categories:

• Expansion of Housing Network

• Staging of houses / rooms 

• Providing basic necessities

• Implementing programs 

• Marketing in communities


Studies show that sober living housing can have a positive outcome for a large number of the participants. Incarceration rates and drug use fall while in a program and education rates, employment rates, and general sobriety rises.

HARP will offer Wrap Around Services and Aftercare for all participants in the program. The aftercare portion will focus on building independence and bridging the gap between sober living and independent living. Our network will allow participants to graduate within the program during their phases (including aftercare) to peer managers and transition to a semi-independent living situation. 


Right now, the HARP INITIATIVE is a concept. The programs are in place, the partnerships are developed, but the founders are looking for your assistance to bring HARP to reality. Please consider donating to the campaign as we are looking to begin this journey and give back to the communities in which we come from. 


HARP founders have roots that run deep in the local communities as well as professional backgrounds that help to ensure that HARP is not only successful for the participants but will also leave a positive, lasting impact on the communities in which HARP Houses are located.

Each founder has a unique set of skills, life experiences, and professional background that will place HARP as the industry standard in sober housing across the Appalachian region. 

The founders, combined, have backgrounds and skills that cover government, education, social services, community services, medical, leadership, law enforcement, and residential civil law.


HARP has developed a website ( and a social media presence on Facebook. We have developed social advertising campaigns to expand our reach and we have developed the core program. 

We have also developed industry leading technology that will automatically notify social service professionals when a bed becomes available and technology to help track and maintain records for the participants. 

HARP has also been working diligently to produce letters and marketing materials for members of the community so we can end the stigma around traditional sober living.


The ground work is done. The foundation has been laid. Now, we are asking for support in moving into our next phase which is the implementation of everything we have developed.

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