Reunite Me

Reunite Me

From Necia Lightsey

I have to show stability and get my children from being legally kidnapped by CPS. Their father died from shooting. I’m now mom and dad. Car was stolen and trying to build a savings, pay 6 months of rent, buy reliable Car

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I am a mother of eight children, that are not with me right now, because they were taken from me legally kidnapped for me by Colorado protective services because of allegations they were called in from the same man that has been physically emotionally and mentally abusing me for 10 years. Who is also the father of five of the youngest children that I have. My children were taken for me May 2021 and I have been fighting to get them back with more support from now on but one who died in August 2021. He was also the father of my older three children. He helped us to get through everything and he diedBecause he walked away from a fight in the moon shot him in person in his heart and he died instantly on the scene. Which caused me to be a mother and a father to not only five of my younger children but now all eight of my children. I have to show the courts that I am financially stable. Only way I can do that is getting a house that is in living condition which means I have to get a four or five bedroom house rather I’m renting or not but I have to show that I will be able to afford the rent every month the only way I can think of doing that is paying off more than half of the months plus the deposit. I also have to show I have reliable transportation which I did have but recently my truck was stolen from me in front of my bosses house. So now I have to buy a truck big enough for me and eight children. I’m doing the best that I can working as a caregiver for Adults with a disability that cannot take care of yourself on a regular basis and also trying to start school so I can get my license and CNA. I am doing this fundraiser to raise enough money to pay off more than a few months on a house in order to get my children back and show stability and I’m also doing this fundraiser to buy a truck for me and my children so I can make it to our visits on time court on time and show that I am more than what they judge me to be and show how much more of a woman and person they made me out to be. I have a six month window to get my children back and I also have a few months to pay the state for placement of my children which means being placed with foster care parents.Most of all the whole purpose is to reunite me and all of my children. Five boys and three beautiful girls are waiting on me depending on me to get us all back together

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