Help me meet my mother please? its been over 44 years

Help me meet my mother please? its been over 44 years

From Angela Palmer

I am raising money to meet my birth-mother. I was abducted by my father when I was an infant. My mother had sole custody but my father took me. We moved all over Germany and France

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Well as you have seen on TV with NEWS CHANNEL 6 with Derek Staahl. I have recently learned my birthmother which had been looking for me has found me. I was all alone in this big world until last fateful Friday. I received a friend request on facebook and it turned out to be my mother, whom I was told abandonned me some 40 years ago.

In truth she has been looking for me since my father abducted me when i was an infant. My mother and father divirced when I was an infant and my mother had custody of me. My father was deeply in debt and was told by his parents he will not longer be supported if he lost me. So he took me away from my mother witht he guise of taking me to the dentist as I had issues with my gums as a child. He never took me home. We moved all over Germany and France all my childhood and it was as my father put it because of his job.

Not true, what I did not know was that he was a wanted man In Germany for Kidnapping and domestic abuse which he used to hit and abuse me as well. My childhood was an unhappy one, and now I know why. We moved 12 times between Germany and France and my mother never gave up. She involved the authorities numerous times, but each time she got close to my location yet again we would move.

When I was 18, due in part to the horrible relationship with my father I left for the states, married and had a child. We move all over the USA due to my husbands job. So any attempt in locating me with missing persons agencies were futile.

After my divorce I moved to California and to this fateful day I have been under the impression that I am not loved or wanted in this life. No family to have holidays with, lean on, laugh with or feel loved...

I was dead wrong!!! that fatefull request changed my life.

Now I am asking you for help to please help us reunite. My mother lives in Croatia and, well, I live here. It would be amazing to have a real Christmas perhaps and to have meaning back in my life and hers.

Thank you so much and have an amazing Christmas!!!! I know I am now!

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