Rescuing a colleague's son

Rescuing a colleague's son

From Sherry Potulsky

A colleague's son was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. In the hospital for treatment. He needed surgery as soon as possible to stabilize his condition, and we decided to raise $17,000 for the family .

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Petter is an ordinary employee in our company. During his work, he is regarded as motivated, diligent and dedicated, sincere and enthusiastic to everyone. In life, he is also a very responsible and good husband and father.

We thought he would be back in a few days, but he took a long leave of absence. Finally, we found out that his son had a sudden fever and was admitted to the hospital. He was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. His child is still in hospital for treatment. After knowing this, our company donated some money for him and took him to the hospital where he was. Seeing the haggard looks of his wife and his wife, we knew that their child's illness had brought them a lot of pressure. They say children need surgery as soon as possible to stabilize the condition, the operation is put together, but subsequent treatment they almost powerless to assume, we decided to raise money for their house help children, follow-up treatment also need $17000, hope you can lend a hand to help them this kind of family, help the poor child, thank you very much, thank you.

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