Rescue Rosbely

Rescue Rosbely

From Michael Magnuson

To rescue a wonderful woman and her mother from Venezuela and bring her to Mexico so we can be together.

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Please help me rescue my princessa!!

I am an American citizen who lives both in Mexico, 30 minutes from the border to the US, and in San Diego, CA.

Rosbely Carlina Rodriguez Contreras was stuck in Maracaibo, Venezuela when we began communicating in June of 2020. A woman friend of her mother's who worked in the government said she would help us get Rosbely out of Venezuela and into Mexico. We paid the woman money for a passport, ID card, and plane tickets. Because of Covid and the disintegration of the Venezuelan government, flights from Venezuela were severely disrupted for a long time. We finally decided to have Rosbely go to Bogota, Colombia and fly from there. So we paid for a car and transportation from Maracaibo to the border of Colombia and from there to Bogota. Once they arrived at the Colombian border, the woman put Rosbely in a cab to Bogota but then got into a different cab and left. Rosbely got to her brother's house in Bogota but without any money or transportation. The woman never bought any plane tickets and stole the money to go to Panama and live with her son. This occurred in June of 2021, a year after we decided to have her escape Venezuela and come to Mexico. Our plan is to save money and, at some point, bring her mother here as well so we can be a family.

After studying the situation and growing more and more frustrated, I borrowed money to fly her from Bogota to Mexico. I booked a flight for October 10th and sent her enough money to show the Mexican authorities that she had money to support herself while in Mexico. I also had to buy a round-trip ticket for 3 weeks so they would allow her into Mexico on a vacation. We would just have to sacrifice the return ticket. When she went to the airport in Bogota to do a pre-flight check-in, the ticket clerk told her that the passport was invalid. This upset Rosbely so much that she ended up in hospital because her blood pressure dropped so fast. It is very distressing. She went to the Venezuelan Embassy in Bogota where she was told that the passport was indeed bogus and she was shown the difference between the one the woman gave her and a real one. The Venezuelan Embassies can renew passports but they do not issue new passports,, so in order for Rosbely to acquire a valid passport she will have to go back to Venezuela and apply from there. I paid back the money I borrowed and I do not have the money to fly her back into Venezuela, pay for a new passport, and then fly her back to Bogota or Mexico. Flights are still extremely limited from Venezuela so we might have to repeat the travel by car from Maracaibo to Bogota. Traveling within either of these countries is very dangerous for a single female and I do not want her to have to take buses to and from Venezuela. It is just too risky. I would like to fly to Bogota and be with her before we begin this process of getting her to Maracaibo without relying on public transportation. I would love to go with her to Venezuela but she tells me that is is really dangerous for gringos now. At the same time we are getting Rosbely a valid passport we can get one for her mother as well so she would be able to leave when we are ready for her.

It has now been eighteen months and we are both praying for help with our situation. I received an email from the airline telling me that the flight from Bogota to Tijuana had been canceled and I could either select a different flight or they would select one for me. I requested a voucher for six months but they booked a different date which we couldn't use. The ticket was non-refundable so I lost that as 

well. The whole situation is very trying and the solution that is easiest, safest, and quickest is for me to buy her a plane ticket from Bogota to Maracaibo, pay for her passport, wait for it to be issued, then fly her either back to Colombia to catch a flight to Tijuana or fly here directly out of Maracaibo. I have no idea what the ultimate cost will be so I am requesting $5000 just to be sure we can get it done. Passports cost $450 in Venezuela and can take months to be processed. Once we have applied, she may go back to Colombia to her brother's house until it is ready because Venezuela is a disaster these days. It is a very hard place to live which is why we want to get her mother out as well. We have developed a wonderful relationship during the last year and a half and desire to live together in peace in Rosarito, Mexico.

Please help us in any way you can.

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