Request help for my sister

Request help for my sister

From Eulalah House

Helping my sister with court fees and legal fees

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I am not sure how to put this that can be understood. I would do anything for my sister because she toke care of me and her 3 kids all our lives. My mother was very sick and could not do all the things that a mother could do and my sister stepped up and did. I did not understand at first but now that I am grown I see what all she had to do. I was not the perfect little sister. I was very challenging because I was often suspended and getting into a lot of problems. I was my sister handful. I was anger all the time. She never gave up on me! She was there through it all and helping my mom go to doctor appointments, moving and keeping her healthy. My mother passed away when I was in high school at 14 years old. I am the last child and that hurt me to my core. My sister stepped up even more to keep me on track to graduate from high school because that was my mother wish. She sent me to counseling, supported me through the whole transition. She gave up her schooling and working for her kids, our mom and me. I could not ask for a better sister. It was not easy what all she had to do and sometime it was pricey but she made it happen for our family. Well, the reason for my request is after I graduated from high school she sent me to college. She paid for my apartment and everything so I can not have to worry about my schooling. I was not the best and I messed up really bad in school. I stopped school and messed up my apartment. I just lost focused and really messed up. After leaving college I did not know that leaving everything would all come down on my sister to pay for. I left the apartment a mess and now they are charged my sister for an eviction and damage. My sister has a great sou and not upset but I know that this is setting her back and stressing her out. They garnished her wages for the eviction that she paid off but now that are asking for damages and legal fees in the amount of $8800 and I know she does not have and will not every have. This covid virus has less her hours at work and if they garnish her wages she will not have money to live off of. I do not want them to garnish her wages anymore and I can only do so much to help. I am begging anyone that can help me help her I would be so grateful. You do not need to send us any money. I would point you to who is asking for the fees. My sister is my heart and soul and like a true mom to me and If I can help her in anyway I would because she has supported and help me all my life. Please help my sister if you can. Sorry for any typo errors I am a little emotional right now.

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