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After fifteen years of successfully serving individuals in recovery, Jacob’s Well is ready to go to the next level by partnering with others in local communities to #RedefineRecovery! We have #40DAYS, LETS GO!

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#RedefiningRecovery | Jacob’s Well Recovery Center

After fifteen years of successfully serving individuals in recovery, Jacob’s Well is ready to go to the next level by partnering with others in the state to #RedefineRecovery! This community effort of collaboration comes as an answer to the extreme need for recovery in the local and neighboring communities that are experiencing the disastrous affects that addiction brings to individuals, children, and families. To achieve this, we will be fundraising for #40Days and we need your help!

Through this community effort, Jacob’s Well will be #RedefiningRecovery to provide healing to every person in the family that is affected by addiction by partnering with affiliate ministries and creating new facilities that are necessary to fulfill our mission.

Our Plan:

1.    Jacob’s Well will be expanding it’s own facilities so as to be able to take on 20-30 more women. We can currently facilitate up to 30 women in residency, and have to turn away many who need help simply because we tend to have little vacancy throughout the year. By adding on to our facility, we can provide a successful recovery option for more women and significantly improve the lives of families and communities through the reconciliation that comes after addiction is battled.

2. Damascus Road Recovery Center for Men will be created and modeled after the successful recovery structure of Jacob’s Well. (Fun Fact: the founders of Jacob’s Well, Pam and Charlie Haynes, founded a men’s recovery center that is still in business in Chunky, MS before the creation of Jacob’s Well! What better visionaries to lead the movement for a local men’s recovery center, available to those in South Mississippi!) Recognizing that there are many parents and couples struggling in addiction together, Jacob’s Well wants to provide an opportunity for full family recovery and restoration.

3. Temporary Homes for Children will be made available through affiliate ministries so that a mother or father caught in the lifestyle of addiction actually has the option of recovery in such a way that they can maintain contact with their children as they become the best parents they can be!

4. Off-Campus/On-Campus Aftercare Services will be instituted to ensure accountability and relapse prevention. In particular, Jacob’s Well and Damascus Road Recovery Centers will develop and facilitate training for mentoring programs in neighboring counties to maintain a lifestyle of recovery for all. These services will ensure that the men, women, and families are able to get back on their feet successfully with a job, transportation, living arrangements, financial budgeting skills, and personal mentors to aid in successful post-recovery living and foster an environment of success rather than relapse, confidence rather than fear, and courage rather than doubt. Gracehouse currently serves as our on-campus aftercare facility, and they have been a wonderful source of transition from recovery to reconciliation for our graduates. We sow into the family through one of our most-cherished affiliate ministries, Mentoring Matters. Family mentoring is an important part of the aftercare process where families can continue growing closer together and be advised on potential potholes before they reach them!

Through this multi-faceted approach at addiction recovery, Jacob’s Well Ministries is #RedefiningRecovery by addressing not only services for men or women, but a temporary home for their children, and aftercare services to prevent addiction relapse. By making a donation, you are making a difference in not only the lives of the individuals that experience our recovery services, but their families, communities, and ultimately the state of Mississippi. Drug addiction is the root cause of many community-wide issues, and is a huge problem in our state right now. Jacob’s Well works closely with governmental agencies like DHS and Drug Court and has successfully given the gift of recovery to many women in the system, who have since experienced full record expungement and the life-changing opportunity of beginning with a clean slate. We have a system that works and are partnered with the right resources to make a huge different in Mississippi, but we need your help! We have #40days! Be a hero of hope today, Donate Now!

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