A Chance To Recover

A Chance To Recover

From Kareem Hutchinson

My mother passed away April 12th, 2021. Her death triggered a domino effect, resulting in the loss of transportation, the family home, and financial compensation. I'm on the final road to recovery as I continue classe...

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My mom was a creative angel with a heart of love. I always feel guilty that our last conversation was an argument. I'm even more guilty of not using my voice to see her during her last moments of life. 

Now she's telling me it's time to shout!

After her passing, I faced hardships that resulted in lost opportunities. Because she passed without a will and due to financial barriers within the probate court, I could not prove my heirship and missed out on a lot of compensation for me and my sister. There was also deceit from close friends and family which caused me to isolate myself due to trust issues.

In my eyes, this isolation was a gift.

I began writing stories and constructing plans that benefit Huemanity. Even though my ideas are "romantic" and unique, they are rooted in empirical research and pure intention. 

I continue my journey of recovery today at Kennesaw State and am in need of financial assistance for housing, transportation, and business capital.


Before I state the intention of each investment, I want to deliver a critical message. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR ME! I've been dealt my hardships like everyone else and do not see mine above anyone else's. Instead, I want you to read my intentions and feel hope and confidence in me. 

My experiences allowed me to develop a "care" for Huemanity equivalent to the care for myself. I hope to create ease and understanding for others through my stories, ideas, and goals.

I'm grateful for all funds raised and want my donors to feel they are investing into someone rather than donating to them.


The following are personal investments. These are investments that satisfy personal needs, however, some investments are essential for business as well.

Investments marked with a (*) are essential to both business and personal needs. 

*A NEW HOME - $20,339.52 

Well, technically a new apartment. No, the rent is not $20,339.52 a month, that's outrageous, rather the yearly cost to secure and maintain the apartment is $20,339.52.

MOVING IN & RENT - $3,482

The cost of the administration fee, application fee, and security deposit totals to $3,482. Rent alone is $1,579/m.

Due to my credit, I may need a co-signer or a larger security deposit. If I were to put down a larger deposit the totals equal to $9,474 for 6 months or $18,948 for 12 months.


Fortunately, the apartments come fully furnished, reducing costs. There are a few key items needed to turn my apartment into home.

I will link my At-Home and Amazon carts below. Be aware that my Amazon cart contain additional items relevant to other investments.

At-Home - Cart

Amazon - https://share-a-cart.com/get/W607K

*I'm also grateful for gifts and hand-me-downs.

*FOOD & GROCERY - $8,211.60 

Again, that's an estimated yearly expense for groceries. My total estimated cost for groceries a month is $684.30. 

One thing I love is cooking. Not just for me, but cooking for others as well. I'm also critical in providing nourishment that is beneficial to one's overall health. I plan to host gatherings and provide plates and meal prep for other students as a passive source of income.

The links to my grocery shopping carts are below. Some links will take you to small, melinated business owners. Support them as well and spread the love!

Sprouts - Cart

Zach & Zoë Sweet Bee Farmhttps://zachandzoe.co/

Big Red's Hot Saucehttps://bigredshotsauce.com/shop-all/

Trade Street Jam Co.https://tradestjamco.com/collections/jams

Tea Brew Farmhttps://www.teabrewfarm.com/collections



The vehicle in mind is a 2012 Nissan Maxima from Carvana. Due to my credit, I am required to put down $11,000 which includes coverage. Gas and maintenance is estimated to be around $180/m. 

I am open to other pre-owned vehicles as it's not a "requirement" to get my car from Carvana. If you or anyone else is selling a vehicle for cheaper in good condition, by all means, tell me...please.

Carvana - https://www.carvana.com/vehicle/2755559


I have been without phone service for almost two years. There was a period where I couldn't afford the bill and late fees stacked up. By the time I was able to pay the bill and late fees, the interest increased and made my debt $1,000+. 

I'd much rather purchase an unlocked phone from Amazon and use Cricket wireless SIM card and service.

Unlocked iPhone 12 -https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PNM1LNZ/ref=ewc_pr_img_2?smid=A230ZFNKXE1WUD&psc=1

Cricket Wirelesshttps://www.cricketwireless.com/cell-phone-plans


Despite my ambition to move forward, I am aware that personal leisure is also a necessity of life. The link to my Amazon cart and desired places of entertainment are below.


Andretti's - https://andrettikarting.com/marietta

Sparkles Skating Rink - https://sparkleskennesaw.com/


As a creative, I have multiple ways of turning investments into profits & returns. This includes writing, music, and apparel design.

I'm interested in developing a relationship with investors and willing to create shares based on investments. To reach me personally you can email me at [email protected].



SEX TRAFFICKING – the multi-billion dollar industry ruling New Lanta City’s underground. Unable to rely on aid from the government, sex workers take it upon themselves to protect the wombmen of the city.

RedLight was created to expose sex trafficking and humanize "sex workers". The series will expand on the effects of psychology, environment, and circumstances while promoting the growth of community, security, and economic enrichment.

The idea is to create a fictional story that influences real-world growth. The motivation to create this story came from witnessing an abduction and researching about the underground sex trade. I love women and aim to create a series/platform that expands on their beautiful nature (respectfully) and provides them with opportunity and love.

Visit redlighterotic.com to learn about the world, story, and characters of RedLight Erotic. Updated daily!

(No there's no nasty stuff on the site or in the series.)


All investments are centered around the creation of this platform and series. Ideas range from stories and shows, to organic beverages and events.

Below I listed starting investments to help build the foundation of the series. Donors interested in my full plans for the series/platform may contact me at [email protected] to personally discuss details and ideas.

This is my baby and I want to see her grow into something beautiful, beneficial, and life-changing.


This is capital for Equipment/Supply ($1,356.72), the cost of Clothing ($3,538.08), and the cost of Packaging/Shipping ($93.87).

Shirt Space - Cart



Steppin' Out Tee - $22

Bella Bebop Sweater (Black/White) - $38


Steppin' Out Sweater - $38

Come To Bed Sweater (Sand/Black*) - $38

Blow Me Bella Hoodie (Yellow/White) - $47


The projected sales/return on investment. Divided by 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of inventory sold.

25% = $1,740 / -$3,248

50% = $3,480 / -$1,508.67

75% = $5,220 / $231.33

100% = $6,962 / $1,973.33

*Black "Come To Bed" Sweater not included in calculations

Ideas Of Expansion

As profits increase, ideas of expansion I plan to implement include collaborations with brands and creators (Lovability, Hooked On Lewks, Burinyuy, etc.) and seasonal/exclusive collections and apparel/items.

I also plan to appear at various conventions, festivals, and events to help promote the brand and build a following.

Music / At-Home Studio - $1,298.60

I plan to convert the storage area of my apartment into a small at-home studio. This will allow me and other artists to create music in a private, secure, and affordable spot.

This is capital for Equipment ($452.98), Software ($191.88), and Subscriptions ($353.74) needed to create and distribute music. An additional ($300) is added for the estimated cost of Beats.


Forms of income include streamsfeaturesmerchandise creation/distributionlistening/networking parties, and music submission to showsmovies, and other media.

I have written plans for project rollouts, written music with selected beats, project concepts, promotion ideas, and marketing. 

Listen to my music below.

Music Profiles:

Apple - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/k1ng/1688475573

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/0NtWmF0uYIPsWCf7U2pwln

*personal favorites - Fine WineTextin' My Ex(in)FORMATION (unreleased)

Anyone interested in contributing or listening to unmastered tracks can contact me on Instagram (@1generousking) or email me at [email protected]


All in all, my main goal is to complete school and move forward. Regardless of if I obtain my goal for investments, I will complete my mission by any means necessary.

Honestly, I fear becoming a student on the streets, but I move forward in confidence despite this fear. I owe it to my mom to live my life fully and true regardless of the sacrifices.

I'm serious about creating and mindful of the art I put out. I express myself honestly and find ways to do so that isn't damaging or traumatic for my audience.

If you made it to the end I appreciate your time and consideration. There are other personal investments I didn't include such as Peace Of Mind, Debts, and Education because I don't want to seem greedy. I am in need of assistance and grateful to all that aid in my recovery.

Thank you and move forward with grace.

P.S. - I'm open to career opportunities as well. I have a variety of skills and have made all that you see including the designs, apparel mock-ups, website, writings, and business plans. If you are able to provide me with a career that utilizes my skills, I will be forever grateful for that as well.

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