Rebuilding Syria schools affected by war

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Dear my friends and family. Today I was told a story by my aunt who recently visited our beautiful country of Syria. We have heard so many stories of families and individuals affected by the war, but dont hear much about the kids directly affected. This photo above says "thank you uncle Joseph for our ball." The kids affected in this community get ONE ball per semester. The ball was kicked over the wall and there was no money for a second, when my grandpa heard he donated a few balls to the school. The school was ecstatic and sent him this photo. Upon more research we learned this school doesnt have money to replace their basketball court, doesnt have the necessary books and school supplies needed that are impeding their ability to get a decent education, cant open their windows due to the windows being so old that they cant be closed afterward and possiblity of getting shattered, non working ac heaters and ACs ( weather averages over 100 degrees during summer and as low as 30 degree weather.) Thier biggest concern at this point is getting working AC systems and heaters for the children. There were holes drilled into the walls due to leaks on the second floor, as a way to let the water leave the building. The school is unsanitsry and no child should endure this type of learning environment. The children dont have basic essentials and the government doesnt have the money to supply what the school needs. This money will be going to specific schools that are amongst the poorest in the city.  100% of profits will be hand delivered.My grandpa , my aunt Lena Alberre, Matthew Alberre and I are requesting donations and to help rebuild this school. Please join us in donating anything you can to help the children of OUR COUNTRYs future! "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

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