Rebuild Saint Andrew and Old Providence Island

Rebuild Saint Andrew and Old Providence Island

From Chris Schierl

In the Southwestern part of the Caribbean, hurricane Iota devastated three small islands of Colombia - Saint Andres, Providence and Saint Ketleen. Donations will be contribute for food, shelter, and reparations for life.

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Hi, I'm Shey and I am from a group of small islands in the Caribbean, San Andrés, Providence  and Saint Ketleen  where  hurricane IOTA destroyed it, my home.  

I currently live in the US , where thank God, I am fortunate to be safe and well in the midst of all the crazy things that are happening in the world.  I'm fine!  but neighbors and the people on my island ARE NOT!!! IOTA (hurricane category 5) has caused a tragedy across the islands, many now without a house, without a bed, without food and without clothing. There is no electricity in most of San Andrés since the heavy winds and high tide washed away the power poles and lines.  The small island of Providencia has been without communication for 48 hours, so we don’t know anything about our loved ones (including my cousins), zero electricity and very limited telephone connection, 99% of Providence infrastructure has been leveled, which I'm sure you can imagine that means people are on the streets or making huts to be able to sleep and survive on with the  little that was left after the wreckage. The sea with it's unforgiving waves and the furious winds took everything away. 

Please HELP the people  that I love and care for so much on my home. I am far from home right now, this it’s the only way I can help. Help me help them. I can't do it without your help

Thank you with all of my heart. 

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