Rarity of Major Diamond Colors

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Rarity of Major Diamond Colors

From Minaimran Aliseo

Consider the rarity of diamonds as given above when you consider buying diamonds after reading the Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.

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Diamonds are available in various colors. However, different colors appear in different degree of rarity. For instance, brown is the most common color found in diamonds while red diamonds are extremely rare. Read on to understand more about the level of rarity of these colored diamonds rather than being misled by Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are among the most commonly found diamonds out of all fancy diamonds. You will find them in various shapes. Most of them are part of popular jewelry. They are widely accepted and their reach has grown much in the past few years. There is a wide variety within the color which you may not find in other colored diamond varieties. The presence of nitrogen leads to this color in diamonds. They may possess secondary colors like brown-yellow, green-yellow, and orange-yellow. They are the second most common fancy colored diamond of all colors available.

Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds are also considered to be a common color among diamonds. These are found in almost every mine in the world. Besides, they are cheaper compared to other colored diamonds. Brown diamonds are also growing in popularity due to their easy accessibility and increased demand across the world. The brown color is caused by inner graining in the diamond. It appears due to the structural inconsistency in the crystal lattice of a diamond. They are considered the most commonly found fancy colored diamond across the world.

Blue Color Diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are among the rarest out of all diamonds. Some of the most expensive diamonds sold are blue diamonds. They are usually priced according to their rarity. Sometimes, you may find blue diamonds below 0.25 carats and costing 5-digit price.

The presence of element Boron is the reason behind the blue shade of diamonds. Presence of Hydrogen also causes the grayish-blue shade in diamonds. Green-blue or greenish-blue diamonds may also have fractions of nitrogen impurities present in them. Nitrogen is responsible for the yellow color in diamonds. They generally carry high value due to their rarity.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are among the most stunning stones and they are held at high value when it comes to choosing a value for them. Pink natural colored diamonds are costly and rare. There are different variations of pink hues, carat weights, and saturations available. The color s considered to be caused by graining. Structural inconsistency combined with impurity results in the pink color. You may also find secondary hues in pink diamonds like orange-pink and brown-pink. Light pink hues are more easily found in comparison to the more intense and pure shades. Natural fancy pink diamonds are comparatively rare and are priced higher than other colored diamonds.

Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia produces a majority of pink diamonds in the world. Approximately 90% of the world’s pink diamonds are found in his mine.

Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are very rare among all of the fancy color diamonds. Majority of the green diamonds have their colors close to their surface. The green hue is caused mainly due to natural radiation. This causes a surface of green color. The green color is rarely found to penetrate the depth of a diamond. Evaluators grade these diamonds by checking their skin.

Radiated green diamonds are usually found in markets. Hence, it is important to determine the true value of these diamonds. In some cases, they are not able to determine the origin of these diamonds because of radiation. They are second only to a red color as the rarest color among fancy diamonds.

Consider the rarity of diamonds as given above when you consider buying diamonds after reading the Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.

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