Rally for Riggs

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Rally for Riggs

From David Morris

I'm raising this money to help a friend who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Deductibles, copays, and other expenses are adding up quickly, so we hope to help.

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In December I received a call from a friend "they've found a tumor and it looks like it has grown", daunting words for anyone let alone a 32 year old. He called me to let me know he may soon be diagnosed with cancer and to inquire about a few questions he might ask the surgical oncologist. I gave him a suggestion or two and though he was stoic and unconcerned, I could not help but remember the uneasy feelings I had 5 years prior when faced with a similar situation. While he and the doctors felt confident everything was going to be okay; he also had a lot of unanswered questions about the future.

Fortunately for Aaron a few of those questions have been answered, turns out the cancer was a low grade chondrosarcoma with no evidence of metastasis (short for rare, but highly treatable and probably curable), and the surgeon feels confident that he was successful in removing all of the malignancy with the surgery. However, there still remain unanswered questions, many of which reside around finances and recuperation. While I am not privy to the Riggs’ financial situation, he has shared with me that his family is on a high deductible healthcare plan, which requires him to meet the high deductible before insurance will begin to cover any bills. Even then, he will have to pay more until the out of pocket is reached and adding injury to insult he actually just finished paying that high deductible and total out of pocket expense for another unrelated health crisis in 2018.

In most single income households like the Riggs’, this would be a major financial hurdle. Our goal is to help them as much as possible financially and allow him to focus on recuperating without worrying about finances. Aaron has spent his career as a law enforcement officer giving back to our community, and it’s only fitting to try and help them in their time of need. If you know Aaron, then you know he would NEVER ask for money. Much less, think about doing anything like this crowdfunding page, and that is why I have set it up in his place. Through our trying time, we were extremely fortunate to have multiple family members and friends give unsolicited, generous gifts and we believe now it is only fitting to do the same for the Riggs’, and in this ever connected digital age crowdfunding seems to be the most expeditious way to spread the message and collect donations. We ask you to consider giving what you can, no matter how small and if you are unable to give that is absolutely fine but please keep them in your prayers and consider sharing this page with family members and friends so we can continue to be a blessing to the Riggs’. Also, if you want to write something on the wall please feel free to do so we would love to hear from you!

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