Raising money to help the homeless one step at a time

Raising money to help the homeless one step at a time

From Karl Lortie

I'm raising money to help the homeless in a variety of ways such as making them lunch bags with different foods and drinks, buying them the clothes they need for the current season, getting tents for shelter, etc.

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It all started when I was a child and met a man with my father, the man was sitting on the side of a curb in a gas station parking lot and we were on our way back from McDonald's. My father, being the non-judgemental person he is, pulled into the parking lot and lowered the car window to talk with the man. He asked the man if he was hungry and when the man said yes he offered him the food we had just bought, turns out the man was a homeless drifter who was hitchhiking to a nearby city. The look that man had in his eyes when he took the food has stuck with me ever since, he was surprised to see such kindness which made me sad, but most importantly he was so thankful that someone had showed respect and generosity to him. Ever since that day every time I see a homeless person on the side of the road I think back to that moment, and I think about how I'd like to make every homeless person realise that there is people out there who care about them and that they aren't just meaningless outcasts. Thank you for reading my short story of an event that I'm happy to say will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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