Fundraising: help save my first pregnancy

Fundraising: help save my first pregnancy

From Bose Oluwa-Lanbe

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Warm greetings to anyone currently reading this please take time to read this. My name is Bose and I am 19 years old and I'm currently caring an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy. When my boss has told me that I have to abort the child I obviously did not agree to it so I later on confided in her daughter who is helping me handle this, I'm going to keep her name anonymous for now to focus on what's on ground. 

I do not at any cost want to abort this child I was a former nanny if you're wondering and I made a horrible mistake but I dont have the right to take a life either neither does my boss.

I would need the money for the following reasons with the cost alongside it

My Antenatal- which would cover all my scans, the babies check up and vitamins, medication for the whole of my pregnancy ($430)

My delivery and I believe I have the choice to do a C-Section to some slight issues which I wish not to disclose ($1,577)

Finally after my delivery I wish to stay with my mom we dont really have much but in God we trust. I wish to start a small business that would help support us in the meantime while I look for a proper job after delivery and too be back on my feet in no time which would be that is left of the fundraiser and I'm faithful that it would be a success.

All these stated here I cannot do without your help please I am begging you and May God Bless You.

If you wish to help directly by paying directly to the hospital please email me

I wish to keep my identity aswell although some are aware aswell as the few friends I have here in Lagos and would help spread this message  but I promise I am not lying God is watching me please I'm begging you. If you cannot it would be very helpful if you spread this campaign 

Also when I was filling in the details I tried putting in my Postal code for Lagos which I'm currently in but it wasn't loading 

I'm in Lagos not New York so please pardon me.

God Bless You all!!

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