Raising funds for The Learning Factory

Raising funds for The Learning Factory

From Rickya Tillery

To serve children and families within the underserved communities.All funding will go towards construction, employment, books, uniforms, and furniture: (cribs, tables, chairs, high chairs, bedding, cots, shelves.

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The Learning Factory is located in neighborhoods with an extreme lack of quality child care for children birth to 12 years of age. The Learning Factory facility falls at 80% on the child care desert map, which is rated very high, meaning there are very few to no educational centers for children in that area. As a result, low-income families struggle to return to work, find work and provide their children with quality education and living environments. My program is more than a child care program. But an outreach for women, pregnant mothers and families who need more assistance outside the educational industry.

Why is this so important to me? Why am I so passionate about children and families? Growing up for me was outside of the norms. I went from foster placement to foster placement. My grandmother didn't want us to live without the terrible conditions she saw us in during home visits, so she adopted us; until she became very sick with cancer. She passed away. She was an Art teacher and Security Guard at Edward Coles Elementary School in Chicago, IL. Her passion for children, educated, and love of Christ was terrific. I look up to her so much. Brings me to tears as I write this thinking of her. We were back in foster care; again. Continuously changing schools, making new friends, and adjusting to different lifestyles of others. Some homes were not ideal for a child to live under those conditions. Very poor, hostile, abusive, and people who quite frankly didn't care about you outside the paycheck they would receive. Then you find a placement you love!!! But it was a temporary placement home, and DCFS removed you and your siblings from going to a more permanent situation; that again left us hungry, abused, and didn't help with homework, no extracurricular activities. Nothing compared to some of our friends' lives living with their mom, dad, or even both parents in the home. I vowed to myself; that would not be the life for my children or me. My story can go on and on. I could write a book. It's a roller-coast of events. Some are very deep, tragic and sad. Some awesome to know about me!

All donations will go towards books, uniforms, and furniture: (cribs, tables, chairs, high chairs, bedding, cots, shelves, bulletins, etc.

Sign-on bonus to help the community by employing individuals within this underserved community and surrounding others. I have used a large portion of my savings and private capital to secure the property, roughly about $120,000 and start renovating the building, rent, inspections and so on. However, now I need more assistance to make my dreams happen and cross that finishline, and my passion for children, families and educational priorities come true, so I am trying to raise more funds to buy furniture, books, supplies and more. Please get in touch with me if you like more breakdowns, such as my business plan, my budgeting plan, and any resources or suggestions.

I am shy of needing $100k to finish the renovations , get furniture, book, and more. 

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