Raising funds for the Cuban LP

Raising funds for the Cuban LP

From Donald J Keller

The Libertarian Coalition (and members of the Liberty Coalition group) is raising funds for the Libertarian Party of Cuba to gain access to basic technology necessary to reach the general Cuban population.

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On The Libertarian Party of Cuba.

The Cuban LP is one of the few lines of defense for liberty in Cuba. The party has faced many obstacles since their founding in 2017, not excluding having police surround their office during elections and having members arrested on false crimes. Another obstacle is financing and supplies. The members of the Cuban party finance everything out of their wages, and can't afford supplies.

They are in need of equipment from computers to printers, but lack the funds to acquire them. Thanks to a private donation,  they were able to purchase phones to communicate with each other, but without printers and internet, they can not communicate with the Cuban people.

While a printer may not seem important, Cuba heavily censors social media, meaning the ability to mass produce pamphlets and flyers is crucial to reaching the population. With printers come the need for paper and ink.

What we are asking for.

The Libertarian Coalition plans to send them the computers, printers, and supplies needed to make a difference, and to help them cover the cost of internet and phone services.

To do this, we need assistance from members of the Liberty Movement to collect funds. With $1,500, we can send the following:

  • Two Laptops (one per office).
  • A colored printer with extra ink.
  • A years supply of paper.
  • Assistance with the cost of Internet.

For only $1,000, we can still provide 2 laptops & a printer, but not extra ink or internet. The Libertarian Coalition will be covering a number of additional costs (like shipping) and as much of the above amount as possible.

The goal exceeds the amount needed to account for service fees, taxes, and other unknown costs.

Anything over the $1,800 goal goes to addition ink (which is costly and hard to afford on a Cuban pay role, as you know) and internet costs.

Together, we can provide the young Libertarian Party of Cuba the chance to make real change. Our efforts here will be crucial in the future of an entire country, and it starts with one person willing to part with a $1 donation.

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