Raising funds for the construction of the SAIFUL FALAAH mus

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A prayer room is a place of worship and is also a place for teaching the Koran and religious knowledge, including a prayer room in our village, Karang Kendal village (Cirebon-Indonesia), namely the "Saiful Falaah" mosque. This prayer room is the place where we used to learn to read the Koran and study religion.

We, alumni care about the condition of the Saiful Falaah prayer room

We, the alumni of the mosque, are concerned about the condition of the mosque building which is old. Starting from that, we, the alumni of the musholla "Saiful Falaah" community agreed to dismantle the musholla and rebuild it.

Help us to build this mosque

We are never tired of raising funds as the mosque construction progresses. One of them is through this Airfunding.

We sincerely hope that brothers and sisters in faith wherever you are to be willing to help us for the success of building our musholla. So that we have a comfortable place of worship and our younger siblings, our children, have a place to learn the Koran and the knowledge of religion comfortably. Hopefully you are willing to help us and may Allah make the way easier for us. Amen ..

Wassalaamualaikum warakhmatullaahi wabarokaatuh.

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