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Hi, my name is Febri Suryadi,

I am deaf, a little story about the beginning of being deaf. Starting from being busy as a student at one of the private universities in my city, I actually graduated from high school in 2006, I had a strong desire to go to college, but my family condition did not support me so I could only study after 6 years of graduating high school to be exact in 2012

On the other hand, I also run a small business to fulfill my daily life and also make up my college expenses at that time. In addition to business, also trying to become a distributor of food ingredients. I did this in order to meet my tuition fees at the time.

In the year 2016 I successfully completed my undergraduate education in August 2016.

but I didn't realize that I was no longer strong, everything I did had a high risk, and because of that my hearing was lost. December 2016, 28 years old. not long after graduating.

everything is so messed up

my business is ruined, my business is selling juice for IDR 6,000 ($0.15)

sales of powdered drinks can no longer be done because of communication barriers, my life is really experiencing a setback.

Now at 33 years old, hearing ability is below 20%, no matter how loud you speak or how high the hearing aid is, it can't help me in communicating. because my specs are below 20% which means that out of 100 words spoken by communication friends, I can only catch 1-5 words.

starting today I want to rise again. I can't give up on this and I can't lose.

even though it's sad

no hope or no place to complain

this life will go on

I beg anyone out there, please help me to listen again, so I can go through all this again.

this Audiology ear the most recent I have

and now I have to get a pair of implants in my ear so you can hear the back approximately't help as much as 70%

Now my only hope of aid from donors who are willing to help me. after this please press the donate button her. and donate as much as possible. thank you for your time 


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