Get these Gays to the Desert! Rain is Homophobic!

Get these Gays to the Desert! Rain is Homophobic!

From Ruth And elliott

Ruth and Elliott are moving to AZ with a trailer because of disabilities. The way they're moving costs extra, because of disabilities. They don't make lots of money, also because of disabilities. Wait is there a pattern?

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Ruth and Elliott and moving to Tucson with a Trailer! 
The rainy weather of the PNW makes Ruth’s arthritic joint pain much worse (and her depression).

Meanwhile, Elliott needs to live in a trailer for his sound-induced panic attacks, but the rain causes a constant battle against mold in the trailer, which he is very allergic to! 

They're packing everything they own into Elliott's 20 ft trailer to be towed by his van, but need to drive down separately in Ruth's truck.

This is more expensive, but with them both having P.O.T.S. they have to make lots of stops and can't drive for more than a few hours a day. 

Plus, towing something that huge and heavy is serious business. Even if they didn't both have ADHD it would be pretty dangerous (and potentially lethal) for someone without a CDL and lots of experience.

Ruth can't do her type of work right now due to Covid, and will have no income for the unforeseeable future. Elliott's only income will be SSI Disability Welfare, which is 790/month. Some adults have parents who help with this type of stuff, but both of their parents are transphobic religious right-wingers. That’s where friends and extended community comes in !

Here's the Breakdown of Costs : 

Paying our Pro big rig trucker friend to tow our 20’ trailer full of all of our stuff : 1,000 (this is like 17/hour, including the overnights) 

Installing a tow package in the van so it can tow the trailer : 500 

Cost of gas for our friend to drive trailer with van to Tucson : 750

Canopy and repairs for Ruth’s truck to safely drive them down : 350

Cost of gas for Ruth’s truck to drive them down : 400

Hotel lodging on their drive down to Tucson : 300 

Total : 3300. Fuck !

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