Save Our Small Businesses

Save Our Small Businesses

From Rachel Muscolino

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Muscolino. I own Rach’s Custom Goods, Readings by Rachel, & Simplicity Marketing by Rachel. I am looking for investors or wfunding to help with marketing and supplies for new products.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Rachel Muscolino and I am the owner of Rach’s Custom Goods, Readings by Rachel, and Simplicity Marketing by Rachel. I just currently opened the last two businesses. But, Rach’s Custom Goods has been open since April 2020 we started off with making almost $1000 within the first 6 months, putting up my own money and doing everything myself.

When I first opened this business I had the bare minimum of experience and I was able to take it this far, even with COVID running rampant.

I have plenty of reviews from people stating how much they love our products. It’s just that COVID hit us a little hard and our sales are a little hard to come by lately.

I am looking to add new products to my store but need a small loan to get me there. I am also looking for help to advertise my other 2 mew businesses.

I would be willing to sign a contract stating what the loan would be for, when it will be paid back, in what increments it would be paid back, and how long it will take to pay back. Or we can sign a contract stating whatever you would like for it to say.

I’m just a momma trying to make ends meet for her family and could really use a little blessing. This is my last resort. I don’t qualify for any business loans due to my bankruptcy and low credit score that is the result of my very abusive ex stealing my credit cards and maxing them all out and then leaving me to pay by myself.

Please if you have it in your heart, can someone help me make my dream continue for my kids and I. I will sign any paperwork or anything. I just need help buying some supplies to make these new products and some money for advertising all 3 businesses.

Even if you can’t help with the whole amount, any amount is better than none.

Thank you for listening to my story and bless anyone who will share, invest, or even buy from my businesses.

Thank you so much!


Rachel Muscolino 

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