Race Resilience: A Birthday Fundraiser

Race Resilience: A Birthday Fundraiser

From Mandy M

For my 34th birthday, I am calling on my *white community* to support me in attending 'Race Resilience 5-Week Course'. This program is designed to find new and inclusive ways forward, and create social justice for all.

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Thank you for your support! My goal is to continue learning, gaining understanding/awareness, and actively resisting racism. 

It means a lot to receive your financial contributions in order to do this work. In the spirit of gathering *white community* to support one another in anti-racism work, I appreciate you sharing your resources. This is healing and inspiring on so many levels when we show up for each other in this way.

A birthday wish for 34. My wish is for the conscious creation of a new white culture; one that is NOT predicated on supremacy over others, but that is rooted in active alliance, respect, courage, kindness and love. 

As the saying goes: "Your dreams don't work unless you do." This course begins 2 days before my 34th birthday, and you can be sure that I will be working hard before it begins and long after it ends to do my part in making this wish a reality.

'Sitting In The Fire: Restorative Circles' While attending this event hosted by Diane Wong (highly recommend!), I was introduced to Raggi, one of the facilitators for the 'Race Resilience' program. She has dedicated much of her life to social justice work and is incredibly impactful as a holder of space. I am excited to join her, and her co-facilitator, for these five weeks.

About the program:

Race Resilience – A five-week workshop program to step into new ways of being: creating new pathways and bringing greater awareness to challenge the dynamics of racism. Our aim is to find new and inclusive ways forward - in our personal interactions, our communities and our institutions to create generative and sustainable racial and social justice for all.

This program is suitable for all levels of experience. We invite all racial groups to attend. It is designed to be accessible for all to deeply reflect and grow both individually and in community.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a supportive, non-judgmental and interactive environment to work with issues of race.
  • To consider some of the latest theories developed within psychology and anti-oppression theory to help understand how the system of racism plays out within and amongst us. To see how these dynamics continue to keep us trapped.
  • Reflect on our personal histories of race; power and privilege.  To understand the impact that these histories have had on our identities; behaviours; relationships and connections within society.
  • Develop the ability and awareness to recognise and analyse the dynamics of racism that we see in our environments. To find ways forward, where we can courageously interrupt the dynamics as they arise.
  • Learn about the impact of racism from a trauma perspective, exploring the ways in which the body and nervous system responds to racism.
  • Offer clear and easy to apply embodied practices, to develop the skill in being grounded and resilient. This supports us to respond to difficult conversations and exchanges around race in a manner that liberates us from repeating the dynamics of racism.
  • Be part of a small affinity group, based on a similar racial identity.  Groups will meet and/or connect on an optional basis between sessions to explore in a deeper way the impact of their own racial identities.
  • Create a daily five-minute routine to keep us grounded and supported throughout the programme.
  • Have access to various resources such as embodiment practices and a workbook to support our learning over the five-week learning journey.

Course facilitated by:

Raggi Kotak

Raggi is a south Asian queer woman living in London. She is a human rights barrister, who has worked with asylum seekers for twenty years. She has a long history of anti-oppression work and has been involved in the setup and running of numerous ground-breaking and award winning projects. 

Raggi trains in Process Work - a widely respected facilitation method for conflict and change, which informs her work. She specialises in issues of power and oppression.  She provides consultancy, facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring, working with individuals, groups and organisations. 

Raggi is the founder and main facilitator of an active online discussion forum called Race Talk, which aims to bring different racial groups together to find ways through their racial conditioning and trauma. She is also a facilitator for the Racial Justice Collaborative, an international project challenging racism through dialogue. Raggi’s work is informed by psychology, trauma awareness and movement work, in which she has extensively trained. 

Anita Bhardwaj 

For twenty years Anita has worked as a senior manager, trainer consultant and coach in organisations, with a specialism in developing services on the issues of gender violence, race and mental health. This has offered her the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the impact of issues of power and abuse, based on one’s social identity, as well as the variety of layers and aspects that are required to heal and recover from such experiences.

Her training includes Psychology, Life and executive coaching, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki Practitioner, Chi Kung Teacher, TRE (Tension Stress and Trauma Release) Provider. Anita works in organisations (individuals/teams) and in clinical practise. She has a keen interest in working with both those that are impacted by racism and other forms of abuse; and professionals to support them to recover and expand their own resilience to the stress and vicarious trauma, they experience. Her work is embedded within a framework that acknowledges personal and social histories of trauma whilst challenging the, structural inequalities, social injustices and oppression as the root context from which stress and trauma manifest for individuals and communities.

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