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A memorial service for my dad whom I lost long ago. I feel so disconnected from him that I want to remind him of how much he is missed. He left and forgot me, maybe he needs a reminder. Please HELP me remind DAD!

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My dad was my best friend. He wasn't financially stable so family and friends had little or no respect for him.

He was the most cheerful person I know, despite his situation he found a way to make people feel good. His death was a huge blow, because I never understood what high blood pressure was about, and my father had that. 

After seeing my sister and I off to the boarding school, he died two days later. Just slumped and died. Mum was mad at him for leaving her. Saying he didn't contribute financially and now he took companionship away from her.

I still think her being mad is the reason no one has ever dreamt of father. He left like he was never here. No spiritual presence, nothing. And I miss him badly; wanted him to know that we are graduates, no jobs but we have hopes. 

I wanted him to know that his baby girl got married  and now have two kids. wanted him to know that mum is still upset with him, but misses him badly. I watch shows of people feeling the presence of their loved ones who passed away.

And I want that too. I'm sure mum wants that too, but hides it behind her anger. Someone suggested a memorial service, so i'm trying that too. Hope you come closer when this campaign succeeds. 

This campaign is for anyone who lost a parent. Be  strong!


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