R.A.K It Up: Spreading kindness and connection together

R.A.K It Up: Spreading kindness and connection together

From Brittney Livingston

We're raising money to invest in 10,000 "kindness cards" to pass around the city while committing and inspiring movements of Random Acts of Kindness in the community. (square shaped biz cards or plantable seed cards)

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This movement came to me quite a few years ago when a group of colleagues and I went around the city of San Francisco and created six different Random Acts of Kindness projects to make a positive impact on the community. That was one day. I've wanted to do something that has more of a lasting effect, something that creates a ripple across the nation. We always feel the best when we’re helping other people, so why not do more of it. 

I see people walk down the streets imbedded into their electronics and not even smile at those people who walk by them, let alone, help anyone that may need it. No one would even notice others. I know myself how much it sucks to be ignored, how alone we can feel when no one is there for us. It made me wonder how many others may feel that way, and how that could be linked to increased crime and suicides from those humans that don’t feel any love from others.

I believe it is our duty as humans on this earth, in this life, to help others. We all have had that experience of just feeling so good because we made a difference in someones life, or maybe we were on the other end having a really bad day and a stranger smiled really big at us, and that turned our whole day around. If that feels so good, why don't we keep doing it?

The funds will only be used to produce and ship more "kindness cars". The cards have a 3 step process on them to encourage and inspire people to commit a random act of kindness towards a stranger, share it on social media to inspire others, and pass the card forward to continue the ripple effect. 

Depending on how much funding we get will determine what kind of cards we purchase. There's already a couple in the queue. One is from Vistaprint and will range between $174 - $650 for 2,500 - 10,000 cards . The other is from a more conscious card company that turns their cards into biodegradable-plantable wildflower seed cards and will range between $3,300 - $13,200 for 2,500 - 10,000 cards. This way if anyone drops or gets rid of a card it's not contributing to waste on the planet. Either way we will have the funds go towards one or the other to get it started and once we see a continued ripple effect we will shoot for more. 

The goal is to pass out 5,000 cards by the end of May, and then continue to pass out cards on a weekly basis, so if you'd like to be a part of it, we'd love you on our team.

 Ultimately the cards will circulate themselves throughout the community, spreading through the city, the state, and eventually the nation. My hope is that sharing on Social Media becomes an inspiration for others to do the same. These posts are not meant for bragging. They are simply there to give others ideas, hope, and a sense of love for human kind. Nothing around us will change until we change. We are all the same inside. We just want to be loved and to be happy, and what better way to achieve that then to do something nice for another human being. Who’s with me?

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