Quick Flips (Real Estate)

Quick Flips (Real Estate)

From Ihyanna Messado

Quick Flips gives individuals a piece of real estate deals for as little as $500. Being able leverage cash flow you may not be able to acquire on your own. This is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Happy funding!

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Real estate has a long history of profitability. At least one expert maintains that it’s a preferred vehicle of the wealthy.

“Roughly 90 percent of millionaires—yes, 9 out of 10—created their wealth through real estate,” says Kurt M. Westfield, managing partner of WC Companies in Tampa, Florida. “Not stocks. Not gold. Not baseball cards or other seasonal or whimsical investment vehicles.”

With Quick Flips (Real Estate) online platform, you can invest in real estate with just $500. What this means is that unaccredited investors can buy properties without paying large fees to middlemen in the real estate market. This is a great opportunity for the every day individual to have more than one stream of income. 

The Advantages of investing

Beyond making more money, there are several great reasons to consider building more than one source of income, including:

  • It’s easier to create several small income-producing streams over one large one. For example, it’s easier to create three streams that earn $1,000 than one stream that earns $3,000.
  • It reduces the risk of being left without any income. If one source of income drops, you have other sources to help you get by. You can offset the dry spells by having another source of income.

The Disadvantages for an individuals who's thinking about doing this without crowd funding Quick Flips

Of course, there are also some challenges with having multiple income streams:

  • It’s difficult to keep on top of all tasks that need to be done for every income stream. 
  • It’s a balancing act to give enough attention to each income stream to keep them each growing and profitable. Barbara Winter likens it to plate spinning.
  • The start-up process for each income stream can be time- and energy-consuming.

Once we have met our goal we will proceed with a exit date. Happy investing!

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