Putting Cabo areas back on Google Maps

Putting Cabo areas back on Google Maps

From Bill Bailey

Time to upgrade my camera in efforts to provide missing and outdated Google mapping data. Accurate and current mapping data helps businesses dependent on tourism gain much greater exposure.

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Update #1

10 days ago

Looks like the campaign is getting off to slow start so I decided to take off all the added accessories and to downgrade to a lesser expensive camera. It'll still do the job just fine.

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My camera is not professional grade and is failing. The money is going towards a new camera and also to help aid in ongoing expenses. I do not get paid for the work I do by Google or any sponsor - it's 100% community volunteer work. The funds will directly support my efforts in updating Google Maps bringing much needed exposure to the local communities. 


I'm a humanitarian at heart and enjoy doing what I can for the public good. I've loved photography most of my life and more specifically 360° panoramic photography. I was CEO of Nodal Ninja for 15 years which sells tools of the trade for panoramic photographers. We also worked closely with Google in providing solutions for their Google Trusted Photographers. 

In 2019 my wife and I retired and moved to the Cabo San Lucas area. Two months later the Covid-19 pandemic hit, businesses and hotels started to close, people lost their jobs and tourism all but stopped. For an area so dependent on tourism. 


Areas such as Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, El Pescadero, and especially Todo Santos are heavily dependent on tourism. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many workers have lost their jobs and many businesses have permanently closed. Mexico is opening its borders and tourism is starting to flow back. Accurate, and more importantly current, mapping data plays a crucial role in tourism. Many businesses are still not mapped or listed onto Google.


I was surprised that many areas mapped by Google dated back to 2009 and many smaller outlying towns hit hardest have yet to be mapped. It became apparent Google doesn't have the resources to keep the mapping data current.As possibly the only certified Google Trusted Street View photographer in Baja California Sur we are able to update both Google Maps and Google Street Views and keep them current. The vast majority of travelers use these maps to see photos, read reviews, and to get a better idea of what places are like. Currently most of the areas mapping data is over 12 years old, especially in the smaller towns outside of Cabo. Also most roads around here are dirt and very inaccurate. Some roads are impassable while newer roads are not listed. This makes finding directions to places very challenging especially for first responders in time of need. 


The photo above shows the newly built Santa Terra complex, which has an Oyster Bar, art galleries and gift shop. The architectural wonder is a must see for all. Without our efforts potential travelers looking on Google Maps would not have seen this new business.

Before the pandemic much of the area has grown significantly since last being mapped. New roads, new resorts, new businesses and a great deal of new home construction. 


Google provides us with statistics - below represents the most recent figures as of March/April 2021

We (the wife and I) also contribute to Google Maps. As a contributor we review and rate places, add missing businesses, edit locations, and more. Our reviews on local businesses alone have generated over 50,000 views so local businesses are gaining added exposure.


I am seeking funding to purchase a new camera. Currently I use a little prosumer camera with limited quality and very limited functionality. On a good day I might map about 2-5 miles of rural roads which then takes about 2 days to upload and process. Cameras for the purpose of producing quality imagery with extended range capability purpose of GSV can cost in upwards of  $18,000usd (360,774p). I'm looking to go with a low to mid-range high-resolution camera called the "Labpano Pilot Era" which costs about $2,500usd + tax $700usd = $3,200usd. (64,684p).


There will always be ongoing expenses to include fuel and vehicle maintenance, internet fees, a bit of marketing and promoting etc. and not to mention the occasional taco and cerveza while on the road.

We hope you'll support our campaign with a small contribution. Even if you cannot contribute please this share with your friends through social networks in efforts to help spread the word. 

Minimum donation accepted through Fundly is $10 but smaller donations are welcomed from our website AllAroundCabo.com

If you are a local business and not listed and in need updating please contact us - there is no charge for this service.

For more information visit:

www.AllAroundCabo.com Facebook / Instagram

And a very special thanks to those that have already donated here and through PayPal - you're really helping us to help the locals.

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Bill Bailey posted a new update:
10 days ago

Update #2

Looks like the campaign is getting off to slow start so I decided to take off all the added accessories and to downgrade to a lesser expensive camera. It'll still do the job just fine.

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