Putting Kids on First

Putting Kids on First

From Sherron Cerny

Our sole focus is to give kids in impoverished areas access to baseball. I am working with local baseball clubs to create a program that would bring life to baseball in the tri-city area.

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Baseball is one of America's favorite past times, and while there have been great strides and social growth, the game of baseball as a whole still struggles with representation from the black community.

Jackie Robinson was a pioneer breaking color barriers and bringing about change that we hoped would resonate across the league and generations, but the game of baseball is still very small and in some cases, elite to the point that certain demographics are left out of the opportunity to play the game.

Baseball as a whole is a costly sport. Travel ball alone without equipment can cost upward of $2,000 a season for just dues, fees, gas, hotel and food. Equipment is not cheap, and usually can't be handed down or gifted after a season of wear and tear, forcing families to purchase new equipment each season as their player grows. To play the game, functional equipment is necessary.

Families in low income areas are typically one parent households with a parent who works two or more jobs just to put food on the table. Money should not be an issue when wanting to play a game, a sport, or a passion. Yes, things cost money, but it shouldn't be why you can't chase a dream or set a goal, or have access to baseball. Kids don't grow up wanting to play baseball like they do football or basketball because they don't know how fun it can be. There is just no community support for it, no money, no fields, no generations, leaving no kids interested in playing.

My goal is to create an environment that would assist in pipelining under privileged youth into baseball like so many programs do for basketball and football. I am looking for the communities help to make this dream a possibility. 

The money given will go for equipment, appearances of athletes, events created around baseball to help energize the community. 

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