Put me in Coach! Help Janine Enroll in Life Coaching!

Put me in Coach! Help Janine Enroll in Life Coaching!

From Janine Swallow

Help Janine Enroll in research backed Life Coaching! I'm looking to take the next step in my new career by obtaining formal training as a Life Coach. Join in supporting my dream and stay up-to-date on the journey!

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I’m Janine, a UX Designer turned Reiki Master!

Since I started on the adventure of a new career in the Subtle Energy Realms, I have met some of the most wonderful people and worked with some of the most amazing mentors for which I will be forever grateful! I have an incredible time learning the ropes of entrepreneurship and building a spiritual based business from scratch!As 2021 rolled around I sat in reflection of what I truly I wanted to see this business grow into in the coming years and what I saw myself becoming. The impact I can have on the world around me. After extensive self-discovery of my gifts, talents and purpose I know that my next move is formal Life Coach training. (I’m an equal mix of beating to my own drum and following some guidelines! Most of all running my business out of integrity!) 

After much research (…and well this being put in my awareness without actually looking) I found a Coaching Academy that supports Life Coaching, but also the Intuitive spiritual side that I so deeply love and believe in! 

It couldn’t be a more perfect fit if I found one and I know it (brace yourself for the woo…) because “Atmana Coaching Academy” has the same vibration (9) as my Life Path (which is a 9) so if that isn’t a more aligned sign that this is my next step I don’t know what is! Not to mention “Life Coach” has the vibration of 9 as well! Hello Alignment! 

I would absolutely LOVE to start this year-long program in January 2021, unfortunately I only have $1000 of the full enrolment fee of $9,000USD (~$11,500 CND)

I currently run Mystic Rose, my energy healing business and build websites, but that mostly covers my month-to-month expenses. I know, I know - Janine GO GET A JOB - I have been working tirelessly to secure a part-time or full-time position to support this adventure, but have yet to be successful in securing a position! I feel there are many supporters behind my business, but they don’t require my services so this option felt like I could open a door to receive additional funding to follow my dream - my knowing of what is next for me! 

I can see the vision of how this program would exponentially expand my business and allow me to continue following my dream, in a bigger way, of working directly with other humans to heal, grow and better their lives in some way. 

There are a few reasons why formal Life Coach training with this Academy is important to me:

  • This allows me to continue operating in integrity and build solid frameworks for my clients to move through in their transformation.
  • It enhances the Energy Healing modalities and skills I already have.
  • It allows me to continue working in the spiritual realm and with the mind, Soul and Heart of those I’m here to help
  • It provides my clients with a coach that is world class trained in a program that in based of ICF ethics and backed by years of Research with a double PhD Therapist on the Board reviewing all protocols in the program. 

In empowering me, you are helping empower the future! A true butterfly effect! 

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