We're playing one song for 24 hours to buy a new roof

We're playing one song for 24 hours to buy a new roof

From Marc J Barnes

The Harmonium House needs a new roof so our non-profit can stay dry. For 24 hours, we are going to live-stream ourselves playing one continuous, ever-evolving song. Donate to change the music in real time.

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Go here to see the livestream of the 24 Hour Music Marathon: https://www.facebook.com/theharmoniumproject/

Fundly only shows so many "perks." Here's the full list of possibilities. Please include the perk title in the comment-box of your donation:

 $5 Lyric Suggestion: We'll sing what you say. Type lyrics in donation message box. G-rated lyrics only please, think of the kids.

$6 Drumroll, Please: Give us six bucks, and we'll roll the drum. 

$7 More Cowbell: I've got a fever...

$8 Less Cowbell: Make it stop, or at least only doink every so often.

$9 Nose Shot: Live stream will zoom uncomfortably close to a musician of your choice.

$10 Fun Fact: We'll sing some information that you'll be glad to know.

$11 Sadder: Remove some pep from this song's step.

$12 Happier: Put some pep in this song's step.

$13 Band Recognition: A band member will recognize you, point to you, wink at you, etc. 

$15 Man Behind the Curtain: Our livestream camera man will greet the world. 

$23 The Name Train We'll sing your name loudly and with gratitude. Every time someone adds their name, we'll sing your name again.

$30 Trade Shoes All musicians trade shoes.

$31 I Don't Know These Controls: Someone who cannot play instrument X tries to play instrument X and you're responsible. 

$49 Phone Home: With each donation, Saxophone Dan will call a member of his family, from youngest to oldest, just to tell them that he loves them.   

$50 Faster: Go faster.

$51 Slower: Slow down, you're freaking me out. 

$52 Affirmation: Choose a musician to continue the jam alone. All other musicians will surround him with intense affirmation, complimenting him for his work, praising him down to the roots of his being. 

$54 5/4: Make it 5/4

$55 Suddenly, A Capella: Whatever everyone was doing, they now have to do with their voices.

$60 Shave the Boy: Marc needs a haircut.

$99 Saxophone Solo: A one to 35 minute saxophone solo, delivered hot and fresh. 

$100 Inception Bwah Noise: ...except each time someone buys it gets louder and longer. Zimmer, hit us up.

$101 Theremin Unlocked: Wee-ooh-wee-ooh

$102 Didgeridoo Unlocked: Wuh-wuh-wuh-wuuuh

$103 Jaw-Harp Unlocked: Dwoingy-dwoingy

$104 Key Change of Your Choice: We will do our best!

$249 Lullaby: It's late. Tell us your child's name in the message and we'll mutate this song into a lullaby. 

$250 Stormtrooper Cello: Exactly what it sounds like. Some time delay possible.

$349 Skype in Jeremy Seal: You'll like Jeremy, he's a real fun guy. We'll Skype him in and see what he does.  

$500 Rick Rolled: You know what happens. If you don't, don't click this one. 

$30,000 Stop: We Stop.

$30,000 Restart: If stopped, we will start again.   

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