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I believed him. But I think I'll just see what time says. It's roughly 6:15am the usual time I take my best friend/dog "U.B." for a walk. I've seen him before, her looks so familiar.

Good morning, I just love your dog, Colby, right!? He was right. U.b. is a female Colby Pitbull and is 3 years old. The man looked like he was in his early 30's with black hair and brown eyes. He had on a white dress shirt and black slacks. He looked decent, even safe. He asked had she had puppies yet. NO! U.b. is untouched. He asked could he bread his male Colby (same age) work U.b. I was shocked. That's the first time I've ever been approached with any of that nature. I told him I'll think about it. But they should meet And if she likes him and he could provide all the necessary paperwork then why not. I could use some grand-pups. I was a bit shocked to tell you the truth.

We met at the park, which was right around the corner from my house, a couple of days later and it was a match. They had a great time together. So we met up a few more times, a couple months has past. All is well. Well now all we have to do is wait on her cycle. About 3 weeks later he called and said it's she ready now. As if he was a psychic. Again he was right. So, he brought his dog over and he stayed a few hours. He said it would be best if I allowed her to come over too his place being that my male pitbull was not to happy with his company. He instantly disapproved of Tony (not actual name). But Tony was so excited. I asked him was he ok. Maybe that's how he delt with fear or pressure. So he suggested that we go back to the park for awhile. Then if she got to tired, we would head back over. So, I agreed.

It was about 7pm, I was very tired and the dogs were getting restless. But Tony insisted, let's stay out a little longer. Plus he kept getting a lot of phones calls. So I gathered our things , U.b. and I proceeded to come home. As I began to approach my street. There were a lot of cars there. I instantly got nervous. Their at my house. I run to the door and there's Benjamin. In a g dog fight With another dog. He has the dog pinned down.

I screamed! I was so pissed. What have I done. I locked my doors. My Benjamin was hurt but not serious. His eye was cut and his nose was busted and blood was every where. I started calling the cops. I was a nervous wreck. When all of a sudden I felt a heavy and horrible pain in my head. I've been hit in my head. I'm being attacked. Benjamin is now bitting someone. I assume the person who hit me. Then I noticed the dog he was fighting when I walked in is not moving. I think he's dead. Tony came from outside the door and grabbed me. I started hitting and screaming and punching at him. "Leave me alone! You did this!". I started crying uncontrollably.

I started punching and hitting him as hard as I could. He's definitely not dead, (the dog) he's now attacking me. He has my hand and he's shaking me like a rag doll. Here comes U.b. and she's on the dog that's attacking me. I'm going to die. I know it. She's a good protector, but no fighter. At least that's what I thought. Tony has a knife. He's now cutting my dog. Benjamin is biting him.

The next thing I knew. Tony's is gone and he's leaving me. I'm done, the end. There's no way in hell I'm getting out of this. 3 pit bulls and I'm on the floor and alone. This is it.

"Benjamin, I'm so sorry. You're the only person, well animal that is always here for me. You have always loved me and cared about me. Even now when I have unknowingly let you down. I had no idea I was being targeted. Apparently, Tony is known for dog fighting. Now I remember who he is. He was on the news a few months ago for being busted for running a dog fighting ring. Police arrived, Benjamin is not at fault. However, he's killed another dog and has tasted human blood. U.B is taking to the emergency animal hospital and I'm being transported to the Hospital. Later I discovered that Benjamin is going to be put to sleep. Only problem is Benjamin is my dog. Who signed for him to be put down. U.B will be home soon. That's if I can get better. Please help me pay for her holding and medical fees. I also need a home health aid to help me with my day to day agenda. I can no longer work and it seems as if my landlord doesn't have a heart. I may have to move sooner than later. I love my dogs and Benjamin will never be forgotten. Please help me have a stable and secure home for U.B to come home before it's to late.

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