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Pulp Report Sports

From Justin Deagle

I'm looking to raise funds for a new sports media start-up located in Boston with a focus on giving back to the community through sponsoring youth sporting events and charities, all while providing daily sports content!

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About Us

The Pulp Report began as an offshoot to the fledgling Irrelevant Opinions Podcast, a show hosted by two awkward sixteen year olds recording on the worst cell phones known to man. Surprisingly the show didn't gain an audience and eventually was put to the side by it's creators Justin and Jake. 

Some time went by before Justin decided to give it another shot, going solo via SoundCloud and BlogTalk Radio. At the time, he was writing for two pro wrestling news sites from his freshman college dorm room, as all young studs do. He would go on to interview indie bands and sports writers from The Sporting News, The Hockey News, and many more. 

A few more months passed before Deagle reteamed with Jake to create The Pulp Report, an ode to the classic 1994 Quentin Tarantino crime caper. The original incarnation went nowhere, and it seemed like all hope was lost. 

Finally, Justin decided to outsource some of the work via a casting call that brought in the likes of renowned MMA trainer and former UFC fighter, Din Thomas. Din did wonders for the channel and the Pulp Report hit 144 subscribers on YouTube. Unfortunately, there’s only so many videos people of Din’s stature will produce without pay and eventually he ended the partnership on good terms. 

Which brings us to now. One last shot. Deagle has recently filed for the trademark, “Pulp Report Sports” in one last effort to create something worthwhile. But we are doing it right this time: A new look, a new format, professional equipment, podcasts available on streaming services, outsourced high quality videos, studio rentals, and much more! 

Any donation amount helps us! As we roll into our mid-20's, we are willing and ready to give this baby one more shot and have given this brand our undivided attention.


One of the issues of previous incarnations of the brand has been a lack of clarity and subject. We were covering too many things. One of the things that The Din Thomas Show showed was that if we become more focused on a singular subject, then a more passionate, loyal fanbase will come.

Hence the addition to Sports to the Pulp Report name. This still gives us the diversity of covering multiple things, but they will all be under the sports umbrella. 


Pulpreportsports.com will be our official domain name. The site will be run through WordPress and articles will be published every other day.

In addition to a weekly column by Justin, we have a couple freelance sports writers who have agreed to help contribute to the site. The design of the website will be created by a freelance designer at a pre-determined hourly rate.  


One of the benefits of having a website is that we will have our own RSS Feed which will enable us to post all our podcasts on streaming services such as ITunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and more.

The starting goal is to put out three podcasts per week.


The current YouTube channel will continue to be the official video source of The Pulp Report. Final Cut Pro has been purchased by Justin which will allow us to create professional looking videos.

Videos will be kept under ten minutes and will include light topics such as Top 10 lists, Betting picks, and other ideas to be generated by the team. 

Sample Weekly Schedule

Print: Mon-Sat

Justin’s lead article (1,800-word column to be posted every Monday)

“What I’m Watching this Week” – A short column posted by Justin that covers what sporting events, movies, and/or other forms of entertainment he’ll be checking out over the next week

Jake’s short article – Content TBD but essentially in the same vein as Justin’s short article

Collaboration Column – An end of the week article that has contributions from every member of the Pulp Report (Example: “5 Things We Learned This Week”)

Freelance Column – A different contributing writer will write a sports blog for us

Podcasts: Mon-Fri

Jake and Justin Sports Show – Free flowing conversation about the world of sports (Focus on NBA, MLB, and combat sports)

Tom’s Pod – Rotating guests, (Focus on NHL and NFL)

Roundtable Pod – Our one non-sports show, each of us assign each other an article that we found interesting from the past week, we read up on it and debate with each other on the podcast

Justin’s Guest Pod – Bi-weekly show where Justin will interview different guests from the sports world

 Videos: Fri-Sun

Pre-Recorded Videos – Videos where we will use Final Cut Pro to edit in images and video (Top 5/10 Lists, news rundowns, etc…)

Justin’s Gambling Picks – Justin breaks down what picks he likes against the spread for that weekend

3rd Video TBD


Of course none of this matters if nobody reads, listens, or watches our content. This is the most critical aspect towards if the brand succeeds or not. 

The following ad campaigns will be implemented with the re-launch:

SEO Optimization – SEO optimization will be purchased along with our web hosting service which will make sure our content will appear on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing (do people use Bing?).

Paid Advertisements on Social Media – Paid ad campaigns have been written into the budget and will be used on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition, exclusive content will be available on all these platforms such as live tweeting a sports event and UFC previews/reviews on Instagram.

Guests on Podcasts/Articles – Going back to the old podcast days, Justin will reconnect with different guests such as indie bands, film critics, and sports journalists on both podcasts and articles with the hope that these personalities spread the word about The Pulp Report.

Taking Advantage of What We Have – We have been much too bashful when it came to promoting our content to our actual “friends” due to our insecurity with the product. Once we achieve a professional look, all of Justin’s business connections on LinkedIn will be entered onto our secure email list. These emails will link these connections to our website/podcast feed/YouTube channel. Of these approximate 700 connections, we hope that even just one percent become regulars on our platforms and spread the word till we infect the world with the Pulp Plague.

Grassroots Approach - This is where we get our hands dirty. Business cards and flyers will be made containing info about the brand and distributed in popular areas where it is appropriate to do so. Libraries, colleges, checkout counters, train stations, etc…


In addition to the marketing techniques listed above, Pulp Report Sports aims to sponsor three local sporting events in its first year such as the following:

Little League

Basketball Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

Trivia Night

Floor Hockey


Indie Wrestling Events

Local MMA cards

Every event wants a sponsor. This would be of little cost to us and wouldn’t cost these places a dime. We would simply be there to enhance the player/fan experience at these events. For example, if we were to sponsor a local wiffleball event, we’d set up a fun game for charity such as a 50/50 home run derby. It’d be a small fee to enter ($5) with the winner taking home half the pot and the remaining percent would be donated to a meaningful charity. While this wouldn’t give us a direct profit, it would raise awareness of the brand and be good publicity for us, potentially being included in a local newspaper or media outlet.

At each event we sponsor, we’d have a table set up at the entrance with a banner that has our logo on it along with a clipboard and “sign-in sheet”. We’d greet everyone who enters and encourage them to give us their name and email address so that we can add them to our subscriber email list.

What Funds will be Used For

- Domain/Web Hosting (2yr term) - $360.85

- Professional Logo - $300 

- Rode Podcast Mics (x2) - $460

- Podcast Mounts (x2) - $200

- Lighting Kit for iPhone Filming - $79.99

- Content Creation (Studio Rentals, Freelance Articles/Videos, Paid Advertisements, Charity Events) - $1,500

- Business Cards - $8.99

TOTAL: $2,909.83

However, we have put in $1,440 of our own money towards this budget not including other purchases we made before this campaign. 

So the real total we're trying to raise is actually $1,070! 

Any donation helps! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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