Puerto Rico Needs Your Help!

Puerto Rico Needs Your Help!

From Sabian Marrero

I am raising funds to help the people of Puerto Rico recover from another natural disaster, Hurricane Fiona.

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Puerto Rico is undergoing another natural disaster. Not only a natural one, but also a political one. The impact of Hurricane Fiona caused more damage from flooding than Hurricane Maria five years ago almost to the date. The current governor is making unreliable statements about the government's response, but days later, there is a repeat in lack of response. Most homes are still under water, without electricity, or potable water in the most impacted parts of the island, and most detrimental are access needs to disabled and elderly. It's worth mentioning many never recovered from those damages from Hurricane Maria and anything they had left is now completely gone. Despite global narratives, the government of Puerto Rico repeatedly proved to us that they do not care about its own people. Grassroots organizations have galvanized and set the standards of the people to equally and fairly distribute resources, especially those most vulnerable to political and natural disasters. Maria was a catalyst to this foundational movement to organize mutual aid with the flavor and action of the people. 

If you have wanted to do something for PR, this is your chance to step up and help us by donating what you can. Spread this fundraiser to your community and continue to learn about mutual aid needs through websites and social media outlets of orgs listed in this fundraiser. The funds will be evenly distributed to all organizations on the list below. Collectively, these orgs will provide the following immediate essentials: food, shelters, electricity, housing, rebuilding housing equipment and tools to damaged homes, farming recovery assistance, and basic necessities to respective communities such as clothes, toiletries, etc. The purpose for this particular fundraiser is to mobilize various needs at once. Organizing for only one organization would not be enough for what action is needed right now. Each organization fulfills different needs to different parts of the island. These orgs serve our most vulnerable and historically neglected communities. Their descriptions and web links are below. 

Supporting these organizations not only supports our immediate needs, but it reinforces our social-political movement to decolonize and redistribute resources democratically under a historically oppressive and negligent government. Help us give back the power to the people!

Plenitud PR |www.plenitudpr.org| Las Marias, PR (central west on the island)

-Daily meals for the community, including deliveries to elders

-Purchase of crops from local farms

-Distribution for the control of grass to prevent landslides

-Purchase of washing machines for community use

-Installation of rainwater cisterns and filters

-Continuing an assessment of needs for the community

-Emergency salaries for the response team

Taller Salud |www.tallersalud.com| Loiza, PR (Northeast point of the island)

-water purification tablets

-solar lamps

-water filters

-first aid kits

Colectiva Feminista En Construccion |linktr.ee/colectivafeministaPR| San Juan, PR

-immediate essentials to disparaged women and queer communities

Brigada Solidaria Oeste |www.bsopr.com| Boqueron, PR (westside of the island)

-canned foods


-hygiene products

-rebuilding damages to homes

JPIP Mayaguez |linktr.ee/jpipmayaguez| Mayaguez, PR (central west side of the island)

-Donations for rebuilding damaged homes

Techo Pa’ Mi Gente |www.tpmgcorp.org| Trujillo Alto, PR (north central on the island)


-solar lanterns


-water filters

-baby food



-canned food

Fundacion Sin Limites |www.sinlimitespr.org| (Islandwide)

-donations for food distribution for those in need

-canned goods


These are several of many orgs on the ground. Feel free to donate to their orgs directly and follow them for more updates!

Updates and donations sent will be posted! 

A bit about me (the organizer): My name is Sabian Marrero, queer Puerto Rican. I have been an artist and human rights activist for about 20 years now. I moved to PR in 2020 to build my political art portfolio as queer trans/nonbinary/genderfluid activist to do something bigger with my creative visions along with efforts to support momentum in our self-determined political path toward decolonization. That was quickly put to a halt at the very beginning of the ongoing pandemic. Although it was one of the hardest decisions, my mental health suffered and I unexpectedly moved back to Seattle, WA.

I had to reevaluate my goals and shift my steps. Since, I have enrolled into NYU TISCH Film program, and have been a student of The Alternative Art School, a global artist platform, and created other avenues for big film projects regarding storytelling and visibility for queer and women led movements on the frontlines dismantling oppressive systems in their communities. I am aiming to move to a more permanent location soon.

It is painful to watch what is happening to my people and feeling helpless to the ongoing devastation driven by a historically irresponsible government. The power of the people has been what has driven us into building our 3rd political party and effectively distributing mutual aid across the needs of our most vulnerable communities especially for situations like this.

I know this is a big number to start, but I'm hoping this will be the minimum that we are able to raise! Please help us surpass this amount!

PSA: I strongly advise against donating to any government based organizations. They have proven to hoard and withhold funds and resources. They have failed and contributed to high death numbers in critical times and people to this day are still without basic needs. We do not trust them. 

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