Publish Book on TRUE life story of Domestic Violence & EDUC.

Publish Book on TRUE life story of Domestic Violence & EDUC.

From Shannon Valdez

Help to edit & publish a educational book. Base on true life story of a survivor of Domestic Violence. How DV begins in a relationship, the effects on victim & children, society, court trial, & criminal justice system.

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Currently right now. I have written my story into a book. It's been finished since 2009! What started as a healing process and to cope with my PTSD. I had written down all my memories from the beginning to the end of a 7 1/2 year abusive relationship. Basically letting a heavy load of fear and negative thoughts off my mind. And replace it with peace and forgiveness. Truly set me free! Just came to realize, what I wrote, was actually a very educational story. In which close family and friends suggest I turn into a book to help other victims and educate everyone else.

The Book Reader will read a story about a teenager who believes she falls in love with a man that is head over hills madly in love with her. Believes he will do anything for her. Just to quickly be thrown down a deep spiral 7 1/2 year path. Of love, hate, betrayal, power and control, mental and physical abuse, and rape. Along with having multiple restraining orders, marriages, arrest, convictions, births, divorces and broken promises. The reader quickly learns how child welfare, police involvement, and community involvement plays a big role in domestic violence outcome for victims and their families. The book reader is walk through the criminal justice system. The reader as well gets to read about a very detail trail and what its like to testify and go through the sentencing with the victim. As if they were there in real time.

 The story tells all and leaves nothing out. The good, the bad and the unknown. At the end of the story the reader is educated by the Domestic Violence Wheel, Domestic Violence Awareness and National Domestic Violence Resources.

 Its a very educational book. It wont just save lives, indeed change lives! Shortly after the case. The district attorney on the case, as if they could use my story and evidence from the case and use it for training purposes for police officers in State of Oregon. Shortly after that I was on FOX12 News of Oregon interviewed for the 1st ever Crime Victims Rights week.

This was the same time Survivors Reunite at  was born in Spring 200-2009. I just Re-Launched it Jan 2016, I had took time off to heal and cope with long term PTSD from my experience being a victim of Domestic Violence.

I volunteer 1 half years as a full time victim advocate for my local district attorneys office.It's very BRAVE for any survivor to come forward to share their story in hopes it will educate and help save another life. I put all myself into this book to make a difference on what society believe is domestic violence and not to turn a blind eye. Still today our society, our everyday family and friends are still not awareness of the fullest effect and understanding of what domestic violence is involved. Most of the time it's not just the battered partner. Its the kids the victim shares with the abuser.

1 in 3 women alone has been abused by their partner. Domestic Violence is still Silent. I'm Alive! I'm here to break the silence. I can share my own story. I'm not just breaking the silence for myself, but for the ones who can not speak anymore.

Please, I ask to help break the silence and SUPPORT or DONATE for a GOOD CAUSE. And help me get my book edit and published. I created a both GO FUND ME ACCT and FUNDLY ACCT under education.

You can find my purple logo Butterfly Ribbon or go to the FUNDLY LINK to the upper left side of this page and click onto the link to click SUPPORT, SHARE or DONATE! Every dollar counts. If everyone donated $5. I would be able to reach my goal by the end of the year!THANK YOU FOR READING!

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