Psychological Paradigm Shift Movement

Psychological Paradigm Shift Movement

From Ed Rieger

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This paradigm shift will define human communication and decision making for the 21st century. What is a paradigm shift? Consider things around you today that you think are normal and you’ve grown accustomed to and then tomorrow some new information or technology is created, and then, what was normal to you yesterday is not normal today. In history, we’ve experienced many paradigm shifts. One day we rode horses for transportation, then we invented automobiles, and they changed transportation forever. One day, we used hard line telephones, then we invented the iPhone. I remember using carbon paper with manual typewriters, then we invented personal and industrial computers. We used to own other humans, then; we didn’t. Paradigm Shifts usher in new ways of thinking and behaving. That’s what the Psychological Paradigm Shift Movement is about.  

I have been concerned for a long time that we humans are devolving, not evolving. The reason for this de-evolution is that we have never really gotten a grip on the primary cause of all social and human conflicts, mental illness. Psychological disorders have been with us since Cain and Abel, or the Sumerian King Gods Enlil and Enki. Mental illness has been part of our societal makeup forever, and until we put concrete actions in place to eliminate it, it always will be. Mental illness is one of the oldest human diseases we suffer from. It is also the most undiagnosed and untreated disease we have. It's 2022 and the Psychiatric community finally acknowledged the massive level of Americans suffering from a mental disorder that they created a 988-telephone number for people who are in psychological distress to call for help. We spend trillions of dollars annually and employ millions of people, trying to manage the behaviors and actions of the mentally ill. The costs are staggering for such things as the Defense Budget, facilities for addictions, policing, court systems, facilities for mental illness treatments, psychotropic drugs, imprisonment facilities, child welfare, foster care. I could go on and on. I believe this Psychological Paradigm Shift is the concrete action necessary to get a handle on mental illness in the 21st century and beyond. The Psychological Paradigm Shift has three phases; I have written three books to introduce the reasons we need to shift our thinking and how to do it. These three phases of the Psychological Paradigm Shift were designed for you to use personally, and we will use societally to combat mental illness at its core. I am going to take direct actions personally to bring this paradigm shift to life. With all the fascists activities throughout the world, especially in the United States, we have hit a critical moment. We can no longer count on the goodwill of other citizens, outdated laws, leaders, societal norms, and institutional governance to wish mental illness and the behaviors of the mentally ill away. We must act. This paradigm shift is the beginning of taking control of the actions of the mentally ill, what we experience daily as normal currently, and what we will experience as our daily normal tomorrow.   

How not to date or marry the mentally ill is the first action I am taking. Nothing will affect you more personally than creating a long-term romantic partnership with another human being. Transparency and knowledge are the key to this paradigm shift. You must know as much as possible about how your potential partner thinks and behaves. I have created 630 specific questions for you to use while you’re dating to help you understand the psychological makeup of your potential partner.  

I believe the next two phases of the Psychological Paradigm Shift will be just as impactful to us personally and to our society. Hopefully, it will help us evolve in a more positive direction. I am going to introduce the next two phases soon. I hope you join the movement. Good luck to us all.   

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