Proud Pineapples: Round 2!

Proud Pineapples: Round 2!

From Olivia Hsia

My students deserve a classroom that is as warm, welcoming, and bright as they are. My list includes items that are crucial for teaching various academic and life skills—all in a play-based classroom!

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Say 'hello' to the second group of Proud Pineapples! Once again I will be teaching two classes of PK-4 students in the AM and PM classes--50 students total! These students go to school in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in their city. They come from all backgrounds, and in my classroom they will use that diversity to enrich themselves and others. They are curious, brave, open, and ready to grow their brains. They may not know it yet, but they are about to become the proudest Pineapples to walk the halls! 

Why Pineapples? Pineapples are unique, bold, and sweet. They leave an impression, as will my students. They allow me to create the sense of community vital to any Pre-K classroom. At the end of the day, we are all Pineapples, and proud of it. 

About My List: My list includes items to enrich both my students and their classroom! Early childhood classrooms are unique in that EVERYTHING is used to engage students. From colored pictures of important procedures to an Easter-themed memory game from the Target dollar section,  everything on my list is intended to give students the best learning experience. 


  • Half-Priced Books Library Haul - $250 - Our school provides books for me to read aloud to the class, but students cannot handle them. I would love to provide my students with a class library they can 'read' themselves. Handling books promotes book/print awareness and an early love of reading! 
  • Target/Seasonal Items - $250- Each season I check out the dollar section at Target or similiar stores. Here I often find items that can be used to decorate our classroom or in our centers. For example, during Christmas I often look for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza decorations to use in our 'North Pole' dramatic play center. These stores also often have manipulatives (erasers, counters, plush toys) that can be used in math and literacy small groups. 
  • Printer - $49.99
  • Printer Ink - (6 Color + B&W) - $245.34
  • Laminating Pouches - 2 packs - $21.08
  • Velcro Dots - $9.82 
  • Magnet Tape - (2 packs) - $14
  • Clear Poly Envelopes (3 packs) - $32.70
  • Clear File Boxes - $34 

Have a question about where your money is going? Don't hesitate to ask! I am 100% transparent and dedicated to giving my students everything they deserve :) 

Extra thoughts (because I hate asking for money unless I truly think it's important): 

Teaching is not charity work, but I believe we can all pull together to create the best experience possible for our kids. I recently read a poll that 97% of teachers use their own money to purchase supplies for their own classrooms. As one of those teachers, I know that while it may be difficult, there is never a time when I regret it. In fact, seeing my students' faces when I introduce a new center (an ice cream shop?!) or give them slime for sensory exploration makes it all worth it.

No matter what I receive in donations, I know I will still do what I can do make these experiences possible for my kids. However, any donation, whether its $10 or $100 can make a profound impact for both me and for them. It makes the choice easier when I'm deciding what I can get for them and what we'll have to do without.

I purposefully chose this fundraising platform to ensure that we get supplies on an 'as-needed' basis. Unlike other sites, I can use the money only to buy supplies we need throughout the year, rather than guessing what we might use and buying it all at the beginning (this is what I did last year). I can also make sure I'm getting the best price for something by shopping around in-person and online, rather than depending only on a select few online vendors.

Basically, your + my money is stretched to ensure maximum efficacy in our classroom. Hopefully there will come a day when we have everything we need or it is provided to us. Until then, I appreciate and thank you from the bottom of my heart! It truly is worth it.

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