Protecting wildlife & improving local community livelihoods

Protecting wildlife & improving local community livelihoods

From Moreangels Mbizah

Wildlife Conservation Action is working to protect wildlife and improve livelihoods. Donations will go towards environmental education, mobile bomas, livelihoods projects and research

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I grew up in a small town in Zimbabwe's Lowveld and lived less than 100km from the second largest National Park in Zimbabwe but I never got the chance to see wildlife while I was growing up. The first time I saw wildlife in Save Valley Conservancy 10 years ago was the moment my career in wildlife conservation began. When I got exposed to wildlife conservation is when I realised that, that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I had found my passion and my purpose in life. 

I have spent the greater part of these 10 years carrying out and applying research to understand large carnivore behaviour and ecology which is critical for coming up with sound conservation strategies. I care about the environment and the people and I want to see both wild animals and people thrive together. After spending many years witnessing and experiencing the plight of communities that live alongside wildlife, the abject poverty they live in and the cost they face from living with wildlife, I decided to dedicate my life and time to finding solutions that would reduce the costs that communities are facing and improve their livelihoods, which would in turn result in the protection of wildlife. 

I believe that for us to be successful in our conservation efforts we should focus our attention and efforts on the communities that live alongside the wildlife as much as we focus on protecting the wildlife. We founded Wildlife Conservation Action with a mission to promote human-wildlife coexistence and socio-economic development of communities living adjacent to wildlife areas. This would ultimately lead to the conservation of wildlife in these human dominated landscapes. Conservation success depends on the involvement of communities and citizens in every conservation effort, as well as ensuring that communities benefit from coexisting with wildlife. We are asking you to donate to help us achieve this mission.

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