Protect Your Website or App with Penetration Testing Program

Protect Your Website or App with Penetration Testing Program

From Waqas Ahmad


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If you are an owner of a digital system like a website or an app, you are probably worried about ensuring the highest degree of security. Inasmuch as the issue of security on Internet platforms is always a relevant topic.

In fact, it is necessary to admit that it is impossible to run a successful business using a digital system if you are constantly afraid of hacker attacks and viruses. It is commonly known that in order to provide a quality protection process it is necessary to identify all vulnerabilities first because you need to know what issues to focus on. Fortunately, today it is possible to avoid a manual search because you can use a penetration testing program.

A penetration testing procedure consists of the complete system analysis, determination of vulnerable points, and offering ways to improve the system structure and its functioning.

When it comes to the penetration testing cost, it is necessary to mention that there are a lot of factors that have an impact on the end price. Thus, the price of the service depends on:

  • Specific features of the tested system

  • Peculiarities of the system structure

  • Number of identified weak sides

  • Necessary tools (internal, external, wireless)

The cheapest penetration test is the testing of a web app. The cost of such service generally starts from $2.000. As for grand orders, their cost could be up to $100.000.

To ensure the safety of your system and entered data, it is also useful to provide such services as:

The use of security services such as penetration testing simplifies the working process of all digital systems owners. Such services give a possibility to prepare the system for hacker attacks in advance and concentrate on the business.

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