Project Science: 9 Things Spotted On Mars By Crawfurd

Project Science: 9 Things Spotted On Mars By Crawfurd

From Lorraine Crawfurd

Increasing funds so that rehabilitative programs can help more people instead of the cops just arresting them. People mostly show up to court because gaol is a last resort for sentencing and there are rehabilitation prog

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Richard Greer, Brazil is on the best way to overtake the USA regarding Covid cases. Kezza Sue Hebberley I'd like to think that too but someone was complacent enough to let these two women out without testing. Duncan Sloss I don't think we will be complacent as long as the virus rages worldwide.

Politicians from opposition are dismissed as party political points whereas with this they've nowhere to hideKeely Howard I agree with you, sometimes it takes a celebrity influence to push for change unfortunately. I hate Charity and I am Proud to say soKeely Howard the power of the media I think. Has real life experiences, knows *exactly* what it’s like to struggle like so many of us.

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