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Project PROVE

From Kim Low

Project PROVE was created to facilitate scientific research into paranormal events utilising validated universal data.

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                                               Project PROVE

• Overview  

Project PROVE was born out of the novel “In Pursuit of Life After Death” to facilitate scientific research into paranormal events utilising validated universal data. 

The book presents a non-fiction account of numerous validated paranormal events from completely trustworthy individuals. The novel was initially intended only as an instrument of hope for those grieving for their departed loved ones. However, the book provided an unexpected bonus: in negating the fear of ridicule and hence, encouraging many readers to come forward with their own personal experiences; including many health professionals and the professionally elite. Each account has encouraged many other individuals to contribute their own stories.  

As such it has attracted the attention of various scientific research groups who are interested in using and analysing the data. Among these groups is an internationally recognised and respected entity – the Australian Institute of Parapsychology Research (AIPR). Though headquartered in Sydney, AIPR’s membership is global, and includes psychiatrists, psychologists and research scientists with PhD degrees. The AIPR’s spokesperson is Lance Storm – a psychologist/lecturer at Adelaide University. Adelaide University is one of about half a dozen major tertiary institutions in the world that are officially involved in scientifically researching the paranormal. 

Project PROVE is not about sensationalising the paranormal field for commercial purposes or to seed fear in the community. Rather it is hoped that the research will provide the groundwork for some evidence that there may be an organic basis for such phenomena. 

Humans have limited sensory perceptions. For example, we cannot hear the full spectrum of sound frequencies while other species can. We definitely lack the sonar abilities of dolphins and bats. We are unable to see telecasted visions of pictures and texts that are abundant in the atmosphere unless we have instruments to receive and convert them: such as mobile phones and televisions. In this vein, Project Prove aims to investigate the limits of human sensory perception with respect to paranormal experiences. Though society widely doubts and ridicules individuals with special abilities to communicate with the dead, it is this Project’s mission to both destigmatise and understand these experiences scientifically. This will be achieved by cultivating an interest in researching the paranormal, through the provision of validated, comprehensive, and de-identified data.  

• Requirements/Alliances 

The scope and workload involved in a global data research project is enormous and expensive. The financing for this project will come from crowd-funding. The initial target of AUD $130,000 is required for the project to operate for at least two years.

*Most of the funding will be spent initially on the web and database design by GHO and data management.

GHO is a highly respected and experienced Sydney company and its clientele includes high profile groups such as the Commonwealth Bank, OPSM, Allianz and REST Superannuation. 

*Dr. Kim Low will head the data collection. Long-term, the goal is to recruit volunteers in as many countries as possible backed up by a small reliable team of salaried staff to ensure continuity of the project.

·       Dr. Low is a medical practitioner in Sydney, Australia since 1982.

·       Married with a daughter who is studying in the USA.              

·       Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; educated at the Victoria                  Institution 

·       Migrated to Sydney, Australia. in 1974. Graduated from the UNSW                with a MB,BS. degree.

·       Majority of time spent in general practice as a family doctor. 

·       Involved in contribution to research with various units including                    the Sydney University and the Royal Australian College of                              General Practitioner (RACGP). 

·       Founding committee member of the Australian Chinese Medical                  Association (ACMA). 

·       Involved in health IT and software design;CEO of the medical IT                    unit and headed a Royal Australian College of General                                    Practitioner's accredited data project.

The bulk of the initial research will be done by research groups such as the AIPR.

There is no upper-limit to fundraising, as each extra dollar will contribute more resources. Long-term, the goal is to recruit volunteers in as many countries as possible backed up by a small reliable team of salaried staff to ensure continuity of the project.  

• Participation  

Project Prove is designed to be non-elitist. Everyone can participate in the project; the choice is up to the individuals:-  

1. Financial donors 

There are several tiers to allow for flexibility of choices to suit each individual:                                                                                                 

# Pledge without reward: Pledge $10 or more:                                              This segment is for those who simply wants to support the project without further active involvement                                                      

# Pledge $50 or more:                                                                                        *Access to all stories presented on the website’s blog (normally, access to private members only)                                                                               *Copy of eBook (In Pursuit of Life After Death)                                             

# Pledge $100 or more:                                                                                    *Access to all stories presented on the website’s blog (normally, access to private members only)                                                                                   *Copy of eBook (In Pursuit of Life After Death)                                                 *Access to research data (de-identified) via a reporting software. Researchers can manipulate the data specific to their needs. 

 2. Volunteers                                                                                         

Project PROVE is open to genuinely committed volunteers. Approved volunteers will aid in the collection of data, including allowing direct contact with those contributors who require it. This will allow more personal access and support for intending contributors of stories/recollections.          

Volunteers will also include the setup of participating health pods; each unit consisting of a general practitioner, psychologist and psychiatrist who can perform initial assessments and appropriate investigations to exclude medical pathology before a paranormal experience is considered. All volunteers will have free access to all stories presented on the website’s blog 

 3. Contributors of Data                                                                      

Contributors are those who are prepared to submit their paranormal experiences. They will have free access to the blogs. Ideally the information will be recorded in a data template available on the webpage. For those not familiar with technology, the information can be supplied by writing to be faxed, email or interview. Personalised help will be provided by volunteers

 4. Accredited Research Units                                                                  

There may be instances where research units may request direct contact with specific contributors for more detailed investigations. Such requests have to be made through the Project PROVE staff and only be allowed with the approval and agreement of the contributors. Private individuals (irrespective of their category of participation) do not have this privilege unless they are part of an accredited research entity and have the entity’s endorsement.


• Testimonials 

“This book takes the reader into the realm of death and post death events from the perspectives of a bereaved son and doctor who is in the unique position of observing death more intimately and frequently than most. The author’s insights are fascinating as he is able to relate to both the Taoist and Christian religious beliefs. Most post-war cultural experiences in South East Asia and South China were written by female authors. This book, however, is written from a male perspective and has delved into the interplay of culture, religion and science. Without offering any entrenched opinions, the author has succeeded in stimulating and challenging our beliefs, both religious or otherwise.”                                                                Dr. O. H. YEOH. Clinical Psychiatrist. Sydney Australia  

“It’s a great read. I couldn’t put it down once I started. It should be made compulsory reading for all local students taking English Literature. More relevant than ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ as it is based on a Malaysian setting.”                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Kamal Tan Abdullah.  General Practitioner. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 

“Intriguing, thought provoking, well written, this book challenges you to reflect on issues of life after death, the spiritual and the supernatural. The author, a medical practitioner, takes us on an interesting journey of intellectual debate and discussion and vivid personal experiences and ponders on the certainty that awaits us all, death and whether we still ‘live’ after dying.”                                                                                                        Dr. Lee Su Kim – Professor Madya (rtd), Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia Author of – ‘Kebaya Tales’, ‘Sarong Secrets’, ‘Manglish’, ‘Flavours: Insights into Things Malaysian’ and ‘A Nyonya in Texas’ 

Dear Doc,                                                                                                              It is my absolute pleasure to provide a testimonial on your book. It is a truly captivating read, testament to the existence of what textbooks and science can’t always explain!                                                                             Dr. Zeina Boutros – Psychologist. B. Psych., M. Psych (Forensic) MAPS Member Australian Psychological Society; Associate Member College of Forensic Psychologist Member APS Trauma Interest Group; Member APS Military and Emergency Services Psychology Sessional Academic Western Sydney University 

Dear Doc,                                                                                                           Please excuse my writing as I will try to write this letter without crying too much. Your book is so wonderful and how great that my mum had her place in it. My mum did love you, she always informed family and friends of the tireless care and devotion you had shown to her. I never heard mum complain or shed a tear. She did this in her own time but she always smiled and laughed and brightened the room as she didn't want anyone to worry about her. She had such grace and strength and I will miss her until I die. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the book, it has helped me so much. All of your associations with the lovely people in the book must make you feel privileged as what you have experienced is incredible for one person to see but I think that this explains the manner of the person you are. God loves you Doc, as we love you and you are an inspiration to us. Thank you for the care and help you have given to Mum, my aunt, Peter, Paul and myself.                                                                   Lyn Snowden, Snowden Racing Sydney Australia 

Hi Doc,                                                                                                                  Many thanks for your book which was very well written. It reveals your talent for story-telling and deep analysis. You touched on a very deep topic. It certainly brought back memories of my VI and scout days as well as aspects of our Malaysian culture. My wife and I have for a long time been interested in this topic and related areas of spirituality. She loved your book and finished it in one day!                                                                 J T LIM Ex-Victorian. Auditor. Melbourne Australia. 

Hi Doc,                                                                                                                   I read your book and really enjoyed it. I actually couldn’t put it down and finished it too quickly.   Well Done!                                                                       Paula Wallin.  PJW Lawyers. Sydney Australia 

Ken Lee’s book is a fascinating account of his life experiences, spiritual awakening, his candid observations as a medical practitioner on life after death experiences and the spirit world. This is a well written book which I had difficulties in putting down once I began to read it. I do strongly encourage people to openly discuss its contents and share their similar experiences to open their minds to the possibilities and allay fears of the unknown.                                                                                                                Leena – central character portrayed in the book “Psychic Kids” Sydney Australia 

Every so often a book comes along that changes your life. “In Pursuit of Life After Death” is one. The author opens the doorway to the other side of life – beyond the physical realm. Drawing from his own experiences from his “intuitive” childhood, and including fascinating stories from his patients’ experiences with spirits, the doctor delves into the fringe of the afterlife and takes you down a path that few know about but may be keen to learn. Written with empathy, compassion and a deep understanding of human nature, this book is a must for anyone who has lost a loved one, or for those who wish to reach beyond the veil. As a teacher of psychic, spiritual and personal development, I understand the afterlife and know that this book will touch your heart and open up your eyes to an alternate paradigm.                                                                                                               Sue Bishop.  Director-Chiara College of Metaphysics. Author of “Sixth Sense” and “Psychic Kids” Sydney Australia 

"In Pursuit of Life After Death" offers a thought provoking, unconventional take on the uncanny phenomena of the spirit world, backed by a man of medical science. A heart-warming mix of personal stories and bizarre occurrences, "Life After Death" serves up a dose of love, loss, hope and humour....with a dash of goose-bumps."                                                     Krystal Kovacs. Director of Tutornova. Sydney Australia 

I would like to thank and commend the author of this book for sharing a source of hope for those who feel they have none. It takes great courage to speak out about the events as described by the doctor (author) who has risked ridicule to provide hope to those who need it the most. I believe the events described in the book and experienced by others should be discussed and published openly so that many more people may gain hope for the future.                                                                                                         Dr. Criss Moore PhD in the Philosophy of Education Sydney Australia 

“Ken Lee has authored a very interesting and honest account of his, as well as trusted sources accounts, of normally difficult to explain experiences surrounding death, near death and the afterlife. As well as this, Ken beautifully articulates experiences which are often referred to as the paranormal. The more my own life unveils, the more I have come to appreciate that the often referred paranormal is actually more normal and mainstream than we realise. My opinion here is gained through many years of amazing experiences that typically relate to the vast volume of human interactions that I have encountered in my professional and personal life. It comes from an open mind that yearns to understand and not just accept. It comes from an honest willingness to talk and share without fear of judgement. A trait I share with Ken Lee. Please enjoy this book and journey through your own life with similar fantastic experiences. Appreciate, record, reflect and share your own experiences because they really do exist.”                                                                                                        Andrew Hughes Sports and Olympic Physiotherapist Sydney, Australia

  • Risks and challenges

The book "In Pursuit of Life After Death" has been completed, self-published and is available in both eBook and paperback format.  Project Prove is the spin-off. The database template/format has been approved by the research groups.  The challenge for this project is  for GHO to create a customised web-based entity to facilitate the collection and seamless collation of the data and provide information for all participants. 

Although Project Prove has many volunteers already, it is prudent that it is run professionally and hence will require some paid professional and reliable staff. For the cynics, the target may appear large. However, for those experienced in IT development, it is a realistic amount. For the doubters, be assured that this is definitely not a quick "get rich" scheme.

As the CEO of a previous data research project and with the support of an experienced IT design team (GHO), I am confident that the scope of the project is within our means.

Please join us in this worthwhile project, either as a financial donor, a non-financial volunteer and/or contributor of data; or both. 

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