Orbiter: 3D Christian movie project

Orbiter: 3D Christian movie project

From Mark Franklin

Orbiter 3D stereoscopic Christian motion picture project

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Synopsis: "The time is today, and 240 miles above the earth the International Space Station is experiencing another day of experimentation and technical routine when an explosion blows out part of an American node on the ISS. It quickly becomes apparent that as World War III has begun on earth, it has also begun in space among the various people representing their countries on the ISS. Only through a determined faith in God can a victorious peace be attained, on the station and down, below, on earth."

Our Website:  http://www.orbitermovie.com/

From the official website:

"A winner"..... "Great story"... "(Orbiter's) got all sorts of things going on in there to attract all sorts of different people. Action, it's in space, which you know is a big draw, and of course, it's got the faith-based angle as well so it sounds like a winner to me, I can't wait to see this thing."... "My partner will tell you, I'm not a big sci-fi guy, but I'd go see this."... "Yeah, this is gonna be great. I love the premise on this."

~ Bill & Joel In The Morning,  WDUN 550, Atlanta/North Georgia's most popular morning drivetime radio show. 

"This is a great project... I made a donation. It wasn't much and they're not asking for much. Twenty-five dollars. Just 'beer money'. Twenty-five dollars. It's a challenge. Match it if you can.." ~ The Mark Hahn Show, "The Voice Of Sioux City" 1360 AM, 94.4 FM, KSCJ 

"Orbiter is a riveting storyI think it's a great project. I've supported it and to all the listeners, I encourage them to do so as well."                                                                                                    ~ Andy Hooser, Voice of Reason, KQEM Radio / KGBT-TV, Witchita, fastest-growing drivetime radio/TV show in the state of Kansas  

"The whole premise of the movie sounds fantastic.... I love the fact that (David Rosler) is targeting young people as well, on trying to make them proud of their faith again..... It would make sense to invest in this."~ Real news, Morning Drivetime with Mr. Henry and Nick Crawford, 92.3 FM & 760 AM, Knoxville, Tennessee

"A high-tech, beautifully done, well-scripted, great action film with Christian and sci-fi values in it. That's the bottom line."                                                                                                                              ~ Bill Myers, The Bill Myers Show, KMED, Oregon 

"I've got grandkids, I like your approach of trying to reach younger people... I'm really looking forward to seeing (Orbiter)".                                                                                                                             ~ The Lanny James Show, KMLB 540 & 105   


Thanks to all of you for your help and others like you. We now have our studio located in Tennessee and filming of Orbiter has begun in Tennessee, London, New York and Pakistan.  

Thank you, we appreciate your continued support and any money you can donate.

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