Project Moses Colorado

Project Moses Colorado

From Richard Blake

Project Moses Colorado is a 501(c) (3) charity that seeks to directly assist, and if possible to defend persecuted and/or threatened Christian minorities in nations such as Pakistan and Pakistani Christians in exile.

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Shortly after the shock of 9/11/2001, Project Moses Colorado CEO, Richard Roy Blake, became aware of and met, Christians from nations in which they are a persecuted and often threatened minority.  From that experience he came to believe that those Christians were probably the closest to the earliest Christians and to whom their faith is so much a part of them that they are literally willing to die for Jesus. Their faith is made much more real, because for them that is a very distinct possibility, as demonstrated by the Ethiopian Christians that ISIS beheaded on a Libyan beach, when they would not deny Christ and become Muslims.  

At first contributing to and/or working with Voice of the Martyrs, International Christian Concern and being on the board of Voice of the Persecuted, he found he was being contacted by persecuted and/or threatened Christians than existing organizations could address, especially the persecuted and threatened Christian minority in Pakistan and Pakistani Christians in exile in nations such as Thailand. 

With the help of a very small community church and like-minded individuals concerned with Christian persecution Project Moses Colorado was created to help Christians persecuted and/or threatened Christians who are victims of specific and documented persecution.  In one case we have been (when we can afford to do so) helping an extended Pakistani Christian family of nearly 20 that was forced to flee to Thailand after a younger brother fell in love with, married a young woman from a militant Pakistani Muslim family.  It is perfectly fine for a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman in Pakistan, to the point that between 500 and 1000 young Pakistani Christian women are abducted, forced to marry and forced to convert to Islam annually.  A Christian man marrying a Muslim woman in Pakistan, however, is not only risking his own life, but the lives of his extended family.  

The family fled to Thailand because there is a United Nations High Commission on Refugees office in Bangkok (UNHCR).  Unfortunately, however, the only way for Pakistani Christians to travel to Thailand is a tourist visa good only for a short time and the UNHCR taking years to process asylum applications, causing Pakistani Christian exiles to overstay their visas. 

The family fled Pakistan in 2013 and all are still in Thailand. There they are not allowed to work and are often arrested and fined for visa overstays.  If they cannot pay the fine they are imprisoned.  The UNHCR only granted asylum to the young man who had married the Muslim woman, who has converted to Christianity and the children that were born during their exile.  

Although they were technically granted asylum a couple of years ago they have only recently learned that they have been accepted for relocation by Canada and will potentially be able to fly there in late August.  The problem that arises is that the young man and his wife are adults who have overstayed their visas and if they cannot pay the fine at the airport they will be arrested.  Thanks to a generous donation from a small foundation, Project Moses Colorado will be able to pay one of the fines.  

The young man insists that we should pay his wife's fine so that she and the children can go onto Canada and seems resigned to imprisonment.  Project Moses Colorado does not want to see this brave young man, the Romeo in a real life Romeo and Juliet story, go to jail so we are seeking $2500 to pay for his fine at the airport as well as to assist the remainder of his extended family still stuck in Thailand and dependent on others for basics,  

There are at least 100s of Pakistani Christians in exile in Thailand which we would like to be able to support in the future and would also like to assist the Pakistani Christian minority in Pakistan and other nations.  

You can help us in the long haul by making Project Moses Colorado your charity and we will get 0.5% of the purchase price.  Its easy to do.  You just go to, add us and the go to Smile.Amazon first every time you go to Amazon.  You can go right to your cart from there.  We are 501 (c) (3) tax deductible.  No officer, director or CEO receives any monies from Project Moses Colorado and we currently have no employees.   God Bless

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