Mobile Game Project

Mobile Game Project

From Retalos Ferocious

Raising money to afford a proper artist and code assistant to develop entertaining mobile games with refreshing ideas and exciting themes. Current development is focused on puzzle, matching, brain training and MMORPGs.

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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my project.

I am just starting out in the game development world and am looking to add unique games to the mobile game market as well as pay homage to come classics with updated themes, new experiences and lots of entertainment.

The goal of this project will ultimately lead to the sprouting of a full development company but for now, I am building a small selection of games that I will need some assistance with to help speed things along. I will be looking to bring on two others to help meet the goals for each game. One who has some experience with the programming languages we are working with and one who has the artistic skill to make sure the artwork makes sense for the game.

I have lots of ideas for the future and I look forward to building a successful team that will help create the next great mobile game.

There are three smaller projects in the works and one large project that has been in sketchbook stage for a long while. The initial release will focus more on classic style games while development continues on the others. I hope to introduce some new style match-puzzle games, brain-training, collection fighters and more with a large scale MMORPG once there are enough resources to build it properly.

This initial budget of $1000 should be a decent kickstart to get the project off the ground. I have listed this campaign in multiple locations to help maximize exposure and try to reach the project goal sooner. This money is intended to afford the junior professional collaboration for one mobile game and an artist to design its graphics and art. I am expecting the initial project to be able to meet a completion deadline well under 6 months from start.

This sets the basic outline for this dream to become a reality but there is much to discover still in the gaming world. In reaching this financial goal, I plan to bring fresh, fun and stimulating ides to life in the mobile gaming genre.

If you aren't able to contribute financially, that's okay! You can share this message with others who may be interested. Thank you for your time!

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