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We are starting a fundraising campaign to support and help, with various initiatives such as direct support and parent information, the victims of Bullying and Cyber Bullying.

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Do you know that every week 4 kids are killing themselves after falling victims of Cyberbullying? Do you know that 40% of victims are not alerting their parents of what is happening? We have started 4 years ago to try to find a solution. We have created an Application that can help to curb the problem. That was our 1.0, today we are presenting the PRIVIWEB App. Version 3.0 with a perfected interface and a more complete set of services including a basic app full free to be downloaded and used, a pro app, and an office app. We realized that the system could be perfected and extended to other sectors such as e-mail or private messages including sending files always bearing in mind that they cannot be downloaded or shared and always with the possibility of establishing their lifetime. Cyberbullying and sexting can only be combated by eliminating the "exchange material". It is unthinkable that one can remove a mobile phone from a teenager`s hands or limit the exchange of content between two lovers or consenting people. The solution lies in limiting the use that is regulated by the Peer to Peer transmission pipeline, the impossibility of sharing, downloading or copying or capturing and finally, establishing its lifetime. PRIVIWEB will be available in three versions: the basic downloadable version for free, the Pro version available with the purchase of an annual license and finally the PIMS (Private Instant Messaging System) customized for companies at managerial level with the purchase of annual licenses and fee-based setup to the type of each installation. Instagram and Snapchat are offering the destruction of the material in 10 seconds after it is posted but what is going to happen in those 10 seconds? The material can be copied, shared and downloaded: with PRIVIWEB this is not possible!Next January will be active the COPPA regulation for collecting information on children under 13 years of age and there are also several States of the Union that are tracking down on images of teenagers posted online without the subject consent. But by then the damage is already done!PRIVIWEB represents the solution to the problem.

The latest information is showing that Cyberbullying is on the rise.33% of school children have reported being cyberbullied but less than 40% of students would notify an adult if they were being bullied and more than 4 children are taking their own lives every week.

PRIVI WEB FOR KIDS will be offering help for the Cyberbully Victims.  and will offer the parents the information necessary to create a preventive action to protect their kids and the necessary support whenever damage was already done.

We need your donations in order to create the starting point of a worldwide hotline to support those teenagers that may be afraid to talk to their parents and to teach the parents how to approach this very serious problem that is on the rise. There is a very simple question, how much will you pay for peace of mind?

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