Preventing the Spread Of Fire In Your Building

Preventing the Spread Of Fire In Your Building

From Ayesha Kayani

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Whether it is your private home or office building, you need to keep it safe from fire. Heat, oxygen, and fuel are the necessary ingredients that keep fore burning. When one of these ingredients is removed, fire can be curtailed. But removing any of these ingredients require strategy and a conscious effort at safeguarding your building.

There are two ways to curtail the spread of fire in your property. There are active and passive ways of preventing the spread of fire. In the active fire protection, the fire has already started, and you need a technique to put it out or curtail it. If you cannot find a guard near you at that moment, you should quickly get a fire extinguisher or fire blankets to help you out of the gory situation. Note that no building should be occupied without necessary fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers or fire blankets. Also, note that the occupants of the building should be well trained to use these fire safety equipment.

Passive fire protection, on the other hand, refers to the necessary steps to be taken to prevent fire outbreak. The structure and design of your building have a significant role to play in slowing the spread of fire if it eventually breaks out. With a well-designed architecture, fire does not escalate to an uncontrollable level until a security guard for a fire watch arrives at the venue.

So, how do you curtail the spread of fire in your building? Let us look at some of the simple ways we can do that:

The right firefighting equipment

It is not enough to go into any store to purchase a fire extinguisher or fire blanket; you should be sure that you are buying an original product. In the event you are purchasing a substandard fire extinguisher, it would have adverse effects on your building. When you have purchased standard fire protection equipment, station it at the right corners of your building such that they are easily accessible when there is a fire outbreak. A fire watch security officer can offer you expert advice on the right places to keep your fire extinguishers. Better still, you can hire a fire watch guard to safeguard your building.

Well-structured buildings

Some doors are called fire doors because they prevent the spread of fire. If you say you cannot afford fire doors, you certainly will not afford to build a new house when fire razes the old one down. It would be a case of penny wise, pound foolish if your entire building is gutted by fire because you do not have fire doors. How do fire doors work? They are connected to the fire alarm and when the alarm rings, these doors close by themselves. Thus, the people inside the other rooms are safe until a fireguard arrives at the venue.

Flammables should be stored properly.

Flammable materials should be stored in a secluded and safe area. Combustible materials can result in a fire outbreak that can spread rapidly around the building in the blink of an eye.

If you think you cannot handle fire safety all by yourself, you are not alone. For fire watch services, click here and do not forget that in the event of an emergency, you can find a guard near you to salvage your life and property.

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