Precious Water of Aral Sea - Camel Caravan Quest

Precious Water of Aral Sea - Camel Caravan Quest

From Timur Yakubov

On the territory of the dead Aral Sea which is terminated by people. With this project I hope to help the world to find a deep understanding of the value of water and the right attitude with nature.

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The project "PRECIOUS WATER OF ARAL SEA " is aimed at the understanding of society in relation to the careful treatment of the environment and in this case it is to water. This project will help to draw even more attention to the problem of water conservation. The project involves the journey of a group of people (bloggers in the amount of 14 people) in a camel caravan in the desert of Uzbekistan on the route Bukhara - Aral, the disappearance of the Aral sea is considered the most terrible and irreparable natural tragedy that occurred through human fault.The location was chosen in order for the public to learn more about this natural disaster about the disappearance of the whole sea through the fault of human civilization... Today it is known that from the Aral sea there are no more than 10 percent left. And the project implies this undeniably global tragedy as a clear example to understand the consequences of the careless attitude of the Soviet authorities to the environment. Today it is the first terrible result of human activity. The whole sea has been terminated and we want to draw the attention of as many people in the world as possible... the Project will take about 20 days. Approximately the end of September the beginning of October. The declared number of participants will take the route on camels in the absolute desert. Each participant will be able to blog directly from the desert on a daily basis. Each participant will be provided with the required amount of water on a daily basis from a medical point of view. But it also prompted even more water in exchange for difficult decisions in during the course of this quest. Thus, each participant will be able to understand what the real price of water is and with the help of blogging, participants will be able to communicate their position to the masses on a daily basis. The project involves the participation of the media and the support of the administration of Uzbekistan (medical services and security). Today Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries in the world.I have a great Hope that my project will help to gain better understanding the value of water and nature.

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