Prank Phone Calls - How To Quit Prank Phone Calls

Prank Phone Calls - How To Quit Prank Phone Calls

From Theigh Avell

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Obtaining prank phone calls is one of the most frustrating and often scariest experiences you may go through.  Most individuals don't even consider this issue until it happens to them or someone close to them.  Even if you've never received one prank call in your life, the important thing is that you will need to be prepared, so you understand what to do if it happens to you.  You'll also have to know just where to go to get help and what resources and tools you will need to trace prank callers fast.

Here are some tips to help you deal with prank phone calls and stop the Issue permanently:

1.  Call the authorities and notify them about the prank telephone calls.

You will need to do this first because some break-ins, violent offenses or kidnappings can start with a seemingly innocent prank call to your dwelling.  The criminal could be attempting to first establish who's dwelling before making his next move.  Do this even if you keep receiving calls from somebody who then hangs up - that is reason enough to whine and inform the authorities.

Just pick up the telephone and call the authorities.  Don't worry.  They have some standard procedures for dealing with these problems since there are many people to whom these things have occurred before.  Better safe than sorry.

2.  Trace the prank telephone calls

If you believe you know who called you or should you suspect a silly friend, bully, etc, and you do not need to get the authorities involved yet, the ideal thing would be to trace the telephone.  The quickest and easiest way to follow a call is by using caller ID.  The majority of the phones nowadays have caller ID, so this measure is extremely easy and straightforward.  Write down the telephone number immediately.

3.  Do a Reverse Phone Lookup - (Helps you Discover the identity of the caller and origin of the prank calls)

After you have recovered the caller's telephone number, it is possible to conduct a reverse phone lookup to discover the caller's identity.  You'll find out who was calling (Name), where the number is located, their telephone company, and the operator's address.  You may run a quick reverse phone number lookup online at any reverse telephone number lookup websites.  Looking up a number with this sort of site is very straightforward.  All you need is a telephone number.  Just enter the telephone number in the search box provided, and the site will look for a match.  When a game is found, the listing will be shown to you.  Using a Reverse Telephone number lookup website is significantly cheaper and faster than hiring a private investigator.

Next time you get prank phone calls, recall you can stop them by phoning the police, tracing the telephone, or using an online reverse Telephone number lookup support.  

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