Post-poned: The Livestream Series

Post-poned: The Livestream Series

From Dome A Records

We are raising funds for artists affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Many of these artists have been forced to cancel shows and tours and have done so at great cost.

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Post-poned: The Livestream Series

            “The world is a strange place” is a common phrase that people freely throw around. But right now, more than ever in our lives, that is a statement that rings out with a striking, shared truth. There is no precedent in our lifetimes that can guide us easily through the COVID19 pandemic. Many of us are lucky enough to be in situations where we aren’t as vulnerable as we could be, but across the board we have all had to sacrifice things we never expected to and have never had to give up previously. Things like going to the movies, watching March Madness, even purchasing toilet paper, are things we take for granted that have been pulled out from under us. One of the greatest cultural losses right now comes with the sweeping cancellations and postponements of tours and shows. As the Spring season approaches, music lovers no doubt had a litany of events they were gearing up to attend and enjoy. Suddenly all of that is gone, and we frankly have no idea when we’ll see it come back. Again, there is no handbook for this. The only answer to such uncertainty lies in taking the initiative to write a new handbook of our own.

            The post-rock community is a niche, yet it has blossomed in nearly every part of the world over the past fifteen years. It has seen exponential growth from a handful of vaguely-aligned artists at the turn of the century, to thousands upon thousands spread across the globe in 2020. Yet it remains a niche, largely for its own self-constructed reasons; by its own nature, post-rock is not a genre that is easily unlocked by anyone, nor is it one that is placed strategically in the forefront of popular culture. You really have to discover post-rock, you have to come upon it, and once you’ve been taken in you need to actively seek out more. It truly is an artform that demands dedication and passion from its supporters, and as a result these supporters often become champions of its many virtues. There is a sense of community surrounding post-rock that is fairly unique; its largely-wordless nature pushes listeners to create their own context and their own experience in ways that other music doesn’t, combine this with its tendencies toward cathartic emotional outpouring balanced with unconventional artistic expression and you have a style of music that is designed for a deep sense of connectivity with listeners.

            It’s this passion and community that has led us to where we stand now. With the enthusiastic combined efforts of genre-focused entities Dome A Records, wherepostrockdwells, Young Epoch, A Thousand Arms, and Post. Festival, and dunk!, we are mounting efforts to bring fans as close to the live experience as is currently possible with our new series “Post-poned.” The idea is to amass a great collection of talented, post-aligned artists and present them in livestream format performing their sets as they would if we were all together in a venue. Many of these artists have been forced to cancel shows and tours and have done so at great cost. These are uncertain and troubled times, but we don’t have to live in frustration and fear. This genre is built to withstand, because our community is as strong as it is widespread. We are aiming to present two bands per week for as long as the current situation persists, potentially much longer if it proves to be a success. We have the technology available to connect us even though we are forced apart, and now is the time to take full advantage of those capabilities. Wherepostrockdwells has offered to be the platform for this series, using their already well-trafficked YouTube page as our method of transmission. Every livestream during the Post-poned series will feature two links in the description: one will bring you to a donation page, where 100% of donations will go directly to the bands; the other will send you to the artist’s Bandcamp page, where we urge you to buy their music and merch if you are able. You can keep track of all our social media accounts for continued updates on bands, times, and other news.

We will ultimately move past this event, and there are already indications that there will be blessings in disguise abound, as we are seeing many entities stepping up and doing the right things by people, as well as a sharp decrease in pollution in a number of cities around the world. It’s possible that COVID19 will yield the unexpected result of forcing us all to re-focus, re-evaluate, and adjust our approach to and appreciation of our lives. Maybe it will make us all a little kinder. Fortunately for the post-rock community, kindness and goodwill already exist in great numbers. We invite you to join us in celebrating the music we love even as we are forced to miss events, and to celebrate each other even as we are forced to be apart. Enjoy the music, support the artists, and don’t allow COVID19 to postpone our passions.

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