Post Concussion Syndrome Recovery plan

Post Concussion Syndrome Recovery plan

From Chaim Welis-stosser

I'm here to raise funds for my appointments coming up in my recovery plan all up they will cost $1800 in one payment sum- 01/03 ap date I am currently unable to work ENOUGH to afford this on my own!

Chaim Welis-stosser

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Hey there, my name is Chaim Welis-Stosser, 27, 

From Melbourne Australia.

A couple of years ago between 2012-2013 I suffered 6 concussions, of which gave me a condition called post concussion syndrome. So I couldn't do anything for 2 years. Everyday I suffer constant concussion symptoms, which includes, a constant headache, dizziness, fatigue, blurry vision and anxiety/depression. I couldn’t work, study or get out much in general.

 Then I got better in 2015. Still my cognitive functions weren't all that great. I physically felt good, so I could go back to work, but I still couldn’t study.

 This is all up until this past November 2017, when all the symptoms just came back. It hit me hard. The anxiety crept in and as a result depression came about. All the physical symptoms, constant headache (feels like my head is being torn into 2 pieces),  dizziness. fatigue and sometimes the occasional blurry vision. The symptoms seem to be a lot worse than last time and I have also started to lose my memory/memories from recent years.

Post-Concussion Syndrome, or PCS, is the persistence of concussion symptoms beyond the normal course of recovery. The majority of concussion symptoms will resolve within about two weeks, and with proper recovery almost all dissipate within a month. In cases where symptoms last longer than one or two months, doctors may diagnose Post-Concussion Syndrome. Patients with PCS can experience concussion-like symptoms at rest or in response to too much physical or cognitive activity, often forcing them to withdraw from their usual physical, professional, and social lives.

Due to me not being able to work enough during this troubling time to afford the appointments, i have to reach out for help! I used a lot of my savings when this all started back in 2013, I didn’t have much support. And now that I can’t work as much as id like, I have no way of paying for the current support I need, And there is no time frame unfortunately for my recovery. every bit of support helps me more than i can put to words.

Please share this around with family, friends, work colleagues, and anyone whom you may know would be able to help me during this struggling time

I Thank you all so much for the support


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