Positivenation and the ADAM Program

Positivenation and the ADAM Program

From Mahadi Stephens

We are raising money for the development of the social media network positivenation.world and it abilities to further connect to the community in many positive ways including the incorporation of the ADAM Program into...

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PositiveNation.world is a social media network. Our network is in development and will have the same abilities as other social media networks plus many more. Positivenation.world is a social media platform that can possibly save lives. It is the social media platform that everyone can become a positive influence in their communities. Positivenation offers a general newsfeed that is generated by its members and with this newsfeed positivity will be spead in many different ways. A general newsfeed is one that everyone can see not just members but non-members also. Not just people that are friended to your profile but any member of the network. Members of the network are the news content makers, they are the ones that will produce the news.

One of the many different ways that positivenation.world will be speading positivity is reaching out to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)


and LexisNexis.com


to incorporate their tech that is used in the process of spreading the word to people about missing kids in their area in to our social media network to help find and return kids to their homes faster.

How their system works is once a child goes missing that childs information is made in to a poster card. If that child was seen with an adult that adult's information will also be on that poster card.

Then that poster card is sent out to all the people and businesses in the area were the child was last seen or believed to be. It is sent only to those that are signed up with the Adam Program for them to help spot and return this child home. Right now the system has to have people and businesses sign up on their own. We intend to help change the way this information is sent out by incorporating it into our social media network and having that information sent out in mass to people that are in the area and using our social media platform. By using our platform members won't have to signup to receive these alerts about missing kids. All they will have to do is have their geo-location turned on and they will automaticly receive alerts about missing kids in whatever area they may be in at the time. Think about how huge this would be. Anywhere you are you could be a help in returning a child to their home, to their loved ones, just by being a part of positivenation.world and having geo-location turned on in your profile.

It is an automated alert system and it will be linked directly to your social media profile. Meaning that when we have combined LexisNexis' auto alert system with our social network people all over, in any time zone or zip code willl receive missing kids posters and can be apart of helping to return these children to their homes and families.

By donating, you are helping in the development of the network and the incorporation of the ADAM Program and by signing up to be apart of positivenation.world you are a helping hand in returning kids to their homes and families.

To donate, please donate here on this Fundly page. 

To Signup, please go to positivenation.world's landing page and fill out the signup form.


Thank you so much for your support!

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