saving anonymous

saving anonymous

From Chelsea Whitcomb

Help a sexual abuse surviver and her mother fight to keep the family whole and not homeless. After draining hundreds of thousands of dollars into legal fees, they are desperate for any support.

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I recently had the privilege of meeting my clients who are to remain anonymous by the oldest daughter reaching out wanting to surprise her mom with a massage and seek energy work as well. I had no idea the depth of pain and suffering these two had gone through until I called to see if she still wanted to book a session after a week of not hearing back from her. she apologized and said they were unable to utilize my services due to financial concerns. she had mentioned in our previous conversation she was a sexual assault survivor, and I wanted to let her know I was there for support in any way i could be. This is when I got the full extent of how awful their situation was. After years of experiencing sexual abuse the daughter opened up to her mom about it. Immediately the mom packed up the three kids fleeing the home this was happening in with nothing but a few clothes and some spending cash. It has been a whirlwind of court battles and hundreds of thousands of dollars gone tryin to fight the perpetrator. After using up all financial resources, the mother is now in major debit with a big court case coming up.The y have lost county financial support because the daughter had to start working. ( She is only 17). They now make too much money as a household to be on county programs that help with cash aid and food. Due to legal restrictions the perpetrator has banned them from sharing anything  that could potentially slander public image. Believe me, the perpetrator will jump on anything at this point. So I'm here being a voice, praying the right people hear this story and can help. for now it is a silent battle to support them, but soon the world will know the pain, suffering and triumph they will over come. They just need our help right now to get through this final court hearing.  

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